That's Dirty Dancing!

Jubilations Dinner Theatre takes on one of the biggest hits of the '80s, showing us the time of our lives in 'That's Dirty Dancing'!


LET'S be honest, there's nothing else in the Capital Region quite like Jubilations Dinner Theatre in West Edmonton Mall. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that flawlessly and usually comically interweaves music, dance, acting and dining for a night you won't soon forget. 

That's Dirty Dancing is running at Julibations from April 17 - June 14.

Randy Apostle and Aimee Beaudoin's production of 'That's Dirty Dancing' is no exception, warping storylines from two classic '80s films, Dirty Dancing and to a lesser extent, Caddyshack.

The story begins at the traditional Kellermen's Prarie Resort in the 1960s, where Dr. Jake Hoseman (Brent Buchanan) takes his two daughters, Baby (Camille Beauchamp) and Lizzie (Ariel Gerard) for a summer vacation. 

This is where the story hits a fork in the road, splitting song & dance sets between an awkward love triangle of Lizzie and a couple of resort employees, and Baby's budding relationship with resident bad boy Johnny Dungeon (Jeff Rivet). 

Camille Beauchamp plays 'Baby Hoseman' in 'That's Dirty Dancing.'

The familiar songs and signature dance routines come alive all over again on Jubilations' stage, including some of the classic scenes that has made Dirty Dancing one of the most popular and beloved films of the decade. 

The show has replaced a few non-essential plotlines with more family-friendly approaches, but all the charm and allure remains intact, as does some of the comedic tracings of Bill Murray's Caddyshack character. 

Every performer is at their peak here, showcasing the diverse talents that make 'That's Dirty Dancing' an absolute must-see. The 4-course meal and in-character servers are the cherries on top of one of Edmonton's most entertaining nights out.

'That's Dirty Dancing' is playing RIGHT NOW at Jubilations Dinner Theatre in West Edmonton Mall (near the Casino) until June 14th. For more information on tickets please click HERE! You can also call them at 1.877.214.2424

The Jubilations Experience!


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