'I Heart' Turns III

My, my, how time flies by...it's been three awesome years since we took over the world wide web, and so it only makes sense to take a few minutes to say: THANK YOU!


REMEMBER when you turned the big 0-3?! I don't either, but I'm gonna go ahead and imagine that there was cake and lots of juice, of both grape and apple, and gifts made from colourful plastics, and an ensemble of big people I could care less about. Sound about right?

'I Heart Edmonton'...est. 2009.
Well, 'I Heart Edmonton' has just reached year trois, somewhat of a milestone in the blogosphere (& in the world of celebrity marriages, I might add!). This humble celebration certainly doesn't call for any gifts (but I like shiny things and cold hard cash if you insist!) or even cake, and unlike when I was three, 'I♥' actually cares about all the company...that's YOU guys!

And it's been an unforgettable three years, I must say: 1,094 days of discovering so much about the bestest city in the bestest country in the world, and all the peeps, places, events, and stories that make it & keep it that way.

From devouring foot-tall burgers in neighbouring St. Albert to previewing the all-too-controversial AGA; from standing in a silent stuper as Shane Koyczan toiled with the English language to bearing some private experiences with the Mayor himself; from all that tiresome arena debate to revelling in "Shit Edmontonians Say"; it's been a slice.

So, I and 'I Heart' just wanted to extend a big THANK YOU, EDMONTON! Thank you for sticking around and for staying tuned, even when "we were on a break!" Cheers!!


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