Burgerthon, Episode 1/ The Burger Joint

Customize the ultimate burger to "fit your personality" at what'll very likely become one of your favourite burger joints in town


There is just one Burger Joint location in Edmonton,
tucked away at 9132-23 avenue. 
IF you're a vegetarian, I kind've feel sorry for you. At times, I just don't get you. I love meat! & now that you've retrieved your minds from the gutter, I'm clearly referring to the likes of juicy sirloin steak, buckets of fried chicken, mountains of crisp bacon, and of course, the classic cheeseburger!


So you can imagine my surging delight when I heard about The Burger Joint, a magical, whimsical place where you create the ultimate burger of your wildest fantasies. Okay, so maybe I'm being melodramatic, but we are talking about burgers, right?! Endless configurations of meats, toppings, and sauces (oh my!) at one's disposal, and all for no more than what you could easily pay for a KFC combo or a Quiznos sub. That's The Burger Joint in a nutshell.

Located just short of the South Edmonton Common hysteria (9132-23 ave., to be exact), The Burger Joint is not your typical burger joint. When you walk up to the friendly counter dude guy you have two choices. Order from their signature menu--which includes pre-determined recipes like the Donair Burger with Cheese, the Lamb Deluxe, and even the Veggie Explosion (I had the B.J. Burger btw)--or tackle their "Build Your Burger" option.

If you go with the latter, step 1 is to "choose your meat," any of 10 that range from your basic 7oz., not frozen, all beef patty ($6.99) to grilled, breaded, buffalo, or hot jerky chicken ($7.50-7.99). Step 2 is where you "choose your sauce," a variety of nearly 20 options, including the staples (ketchup, mustard, relish, bla bla bla) and the obscure (blue cheese, garlic donair, 1000 islands, bla bla bla).

Step 3 is where things really start to get interesting, because this is when you "choose your toppings," a selection that offers all the usual suspects, in addition to some...let's say...unique choices. Grilled pineapple, roasted corn, coleslaw, cucumbers, carrot strings, or even red cabbage are all at your disposal. As much or as many as you desire!

A picture says a thousand words!

The final step, though not mandatory, in building quite possibly the bestest burger this side of the Whitemud, is deciding on any "premium toppings" you might fancy. There are more than a dozen "premium" decisions that'll set you back 50 cents to a dollar, including bacon, a sunny side egg, Portobello mushroom, fried squid rings, grilled ham, guacamole, donair meat, or your choice of 7 types of cheese!

Okay, so you've made up your mind, now they'll make it for you fresh, as you have a seat. They'll bring it right to you soon after. Add a pop and fries/ curly fries/ salad, to make it a combo for an extra $3.99, served with complimentary salsa and tartar sauce. And enjoy. I know I did.

Take a look at the photo and you'll see exactly why I liked it, and why I'm sure you will too. The Burger Joint (780-435-0008), which opened only last April, is open 7 days a week (11AM-9PM, Mon-Sat/ Noon-7PM, Sun). Yum!

B.J. Burger/ 4.5 outta 5


  1. Best burger i tasted in town so far!!! try the Donair burger

  2. This is the BEST burger place E-TOWN has to offer....fresh all 100% beef, build your own burger, nice decor and very clean!!! good service and family operated not a big chain restaurant!!!!!

  3. Really good alternative, even coming from my kids who are Mcdonald slaves. Break away from the norm you won't regret it!

  4. the best place to eat ever! large portions for relitivly cheap!

  5. Need more locations!!!

  6. love THE BURGER JOINT ;)))))


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