Shit Edmontonians Say

You might be an Edmontonian if...


IT was only weeks ago that my buddy Adam posted a YouTube video on my Facebook feed, called "Shit Nobody Says." It's been viewed something like 7 million times in the last month, which doesn't come as a surprise if you've seen it. And that's why there's about 83 trillion copycat clips that have popped up since it went viral, although itself was inspired by the even more popular "Shit Girls Say."

Dozens of niche videos have clogged up YouTube since, including shit "Asian Girls Say," "Gay Guys Say," "People Say on Facebook," or Gay Asian Girls Say on Facebook." Okay, so I made up that last one. And now, there's "Shit Edmontonians Say," a soon-to-be-on-your-Facebook-feed mockathon penned by Colin Priestner, and featuring special appearances by Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Gene Principe, Dan Tencer, and other locals.

Colin Priestner's "Shit Edmontontians Say."


  1. In love with the video, got it down perfect!!!


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