Edmonton Music Awards Nominees, 2012

The nominations for the 2012 EMAs have been announced! If you don't recognize at least one of the acts, your bad!


"THE vision of the Edmonton Music Awards is to acknowledge, celebrate and promote Edmonton music and musicians in all forms," reads the mission statement for the 2012, second annual Edmonton Music Awards, which will take place Saturday, April 28th at the Royal Alberta Museum. "Awards such as the Junos and Breakout West recognize artists on a national level, but we strongly believe there are artists locally that deserve recognition for their work and the success they have achieved on both the local and national level.

The 2nd annual Edmonton Music Awards will take place April 28th
(that's a Saturday!) at the Royal Alberta Museum. 

"The Edmonton Music Awards is dedicated to the goal of annually celebrating, honouring and rewarding creativity and diversity in the Edmonton music community." Nice, and we agree 100%! Edmonton has so many amazing, yet relatively unknown acts who are making great music in every genre imaginable. Why not celebrate that?!

The official after party for the 2012 EMAs will be held at the Haven Social Club (where the entire event was held last year). Here are the nominations, announced yesterday (Feb. 3), for the 2nd annual Edmonton Music Awards:

White Lightning's 'See It All', nominated for
Album of the Year at the 2012 EMAs.
Album of the Year
-Dirt (Colleen Brown)
-Caught Up In the Excess (Tupelo Honey)
-See It All (White Lightning) (right)
-I Try and I Try and I Don't Know What to Do...The Plan Was Set Some Time Ago, And We Must Follow Through (Boogie Patrol)
-Better Off (Ten Second Epic)

Male Artist of the Year
-Nathan Carroll
-Bill Bourne
-Scott Cook
-Doug Hoyer
-Bryan Finlay

Female Artist of the Year
-Ann Vriend
-Colleen Brown
-Samantha Schultz
-Michelle Molineux
-Danielle Lowe

 Group of the Year
The Joe's 'Float or Fail' is up for Rap/ Hip-
Hop Album of the Year at the EMAs
-White Lightning
-Tupelo Honey
-Ten Second Epic
-Mars & Venus
-Boogie Patrol

Single of the Year
-"Fallin'" (Tupelo Honey)
-"Good Girls" (Colleen Brown)
-"Satisfaction" (White Lightning)
-"If You Were Here" (Ann Vriend)
-"New Earth" (Zerbin)

Music Video of the Year
-"Honeybee" (Wool on Wolves)
-"No Need for Alarm" (Death by Robot)
-"Shades of White" (Mars & Venus)
-"Fallin'" (Tupelo Honey)
-"New Earth" (Zerbin) (see below)

Pop Album of the Year
-Walks with the Tender and Growing Night (Doug Hoyer)
-Dirt (Colleen Brown)
-Make Today (Radio for Help)
-Life on Hold (Se7en Sided)
-Prairie Belle (Lisa Nicole Grace)

Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year
-Change Starts Here (AOK)
-Float or Fail (The Joe)
-Change Starts Here (Planit Sound)

Country Album of the Year
-Blue Moon Away (Myrol)
-Off Limits (Danielle Lowe)
-You Won't Be Lonely Long (Shawn & Dee)

Roots/Folk Album of the Year
-Hollow Ponds (100 Mile House)
-Things We Do (The Collective West)
-Love & Other Messes (Ann Vriend)
-Bluesland (Bill Bourne & The Free Radio Band)
-Mercy Is a Bird (Nathan Carroll)

Rock Album of the Year
-Backed In a Corner (Old Wives)
-Caught Up In the Excess (Tupelo Honey)
-Killinger (Killinger)
-Better Off (Ten Second Epic)
-See It All (White Lightning)

Metal Album of the Year
-The Oracle: What Was, Is and Could Have Been (All Else Fails)
-Victus Mortuus (Jezibelle)
-From Me to You (No Heat Tomorrow)
-Burning Dreams (The Order of Chaos)
-I Bomb New York (Villainizer)

Blues Album of the Year
-Naturally (Harpdog Brown)
-Reclaim Your Land (Hip Shakin Mama & The Leg Men)
-I Try and I Try and I Don't Know What to Do...The Plan Was Set
     Some Time Ago, and We Must Follow Through (Boogie Patrol)
-Ink to Paper (Samantha Schultz)
-Bluesland (Bill Bourne & The Free Radio Band)

Jazz Album of the Year
-Just the Sun (Mieke Maligne)
-Frozen (Mike Morrisseau)

R&B/Soul Album of the Year
-I Try and I Try and I Don't Know What to Do...The Plan Was Set
     Some Time Ago, and We Must Follow Through (Boogie Patrol)
-The Golden Story EP (Manuela)
-Pythia (Ghibli)

Although Ann Vriend was born in
Vancouver, she is based outta Edmonton!
Artist to Watch*
-Alice Kos
-Livy Jeanne
-Dawn In the City
-The Burning Streets
-The Shakedowns
-The Frolics
-Van Funk & The LeBarons
-One Way State
-The Bridle Party

People's Choice*
-Ann Vriend (right)
-Colleen Brown
-Old Wives
-Tupelo Honey
-White Lightning
-Michelle Molineux
-Boogie Patrol
-Ten Second Epic

*The winners of these categories are determined by online voting...by you!

Below is the EMA-nominated video for Zerbin's "New Earth."


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