Local Film Wins Big Overseas

At it again, Edmonton's Trevor Anderson is basking in the glory of winning an international honour for his short film


LAST weekend a local filmmaker took home the coveted DAAD Short Film Prize at The Berlinale 2012, in Berlin. Fresh off the success of his 2010 short The High Level Bridge (see below), Edmonton's own Trevor Anderson was in prime company at the 11-day, 62nd annual Berlinale--also known as the Berlin International Film Festival--where his 25-minute musical documentary, The Man That Got Away, received rave reviews.

Edmonton filmmaker Trevor Anderson at the 2012 Berlin International Film
Festival. Photo taken by Fish Griwkowsky, who also worked on the film, 'The Man
That Got Away,' which won the DAAD Short Film Prize there.

"A musical. A life. My family almost forgot to tell me about my great-uncle Jimmy," Anderson describes his eccentric film. "True story, or so I'm told. Jimmy grew up on a farm, on the Canadian prairies, in the Rosebud Valley, during the Great Depression. His older brothers were teenage mechanics, or outfielders on the local baseball team. But not Jimmy. At ten years old, Jimmy was Georgie Kempt's star pupil in tap dance and acrobatics."

The Man That Got Away, which stars Aryn McConnell, Bryce Kulak, Noam Gagnon, and Connie Champagne, features original music by Edmonton's Kulak, who now resides in Toronto. By pre-ordering the 6-song CD soundtrack you're allowing the producers to manufacture and release the set, which was recorded at Edmontone Studio last year.

By winning Berlinale's DAAD Prize, Anderson will receive a three-month residency in Berlin, Germany, as part of the DAAD Artists-In-Berlin Program for international artists from all countries, and of all ages. It was founded in 1963. Click here to view the official trailer for Anderson's The Man That Got Away.

Below is Trevor Anderson's 'The High Level Bridge,' which was screened at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.


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