Edmonton Film Prize, 2012

The Edmonton Arts Council has just announced an inaugural cash prize for an eligible local filmmaker, worth $10,000!


The Edmonton Arts Council, in
partnership with the Edmonton Film
Commission, is awarding $10,000 to a
local filmmaker this fall!
ARE you from Edmonton? Do you like to make movies? (Not those kinds of movies, you perv!). Could you use $10,000? If you answered "hell yeah" to all three of those questions, then listen up, because the EAC (Edmonton Arts Council) is looking to acknowledge a local filmmaker in the form of the inaugural Edmonton Film Prize, and will be accepting submissions until Friday, March 30.

"Awards for excellence are an important part of investment in arts and artists," said John Mahon, the EAC's Executive Director. "'The Art of Living,' Edmonton's 10-year cultural plan for the City, identifies civic awards in the arts as a strategic move." Mahon says that there will be an independent jury of film peers who will sort through the submissions to determine a winner, which will be announced sometime in the fall.

"This is a city that embraces creative industries and appreciates what they contribute to our economy and quality of life," stated Brad Stromberg, Edmonton Film Commissioner. "Edmonton has many outstanding filmmakers. This prize reinforces that recognition and appreciation."

This will be an annual prize and will be eligible for any local narrative, documentary, or experimental film, including one-offs, series, mini-series, features or shorts, and of any length. Of course, music videos, commercials, PSAs, and corporate/ industrial videos are exempt from submission. For an entry form and complete guide to eligibility click here.

The Edmonton Film Prize is sponsored and administered jointly by the Edmonton Film Commission and the Edmonton Arts Council. Good luck, local filmmakers.


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