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Think Stephen King's 'Carrie,' but with more rage. Less pigs blood


20th Century Fox expected their film to
earn about $8 million during its opening
weekend (Super Bowl weekend), but it
pulled in more than $22 million!
WE all imagine what it would be like to have super human powers, right?! Gifts that would permit us to fly, to read minds, to walk through walls, or pick up a pick-up and toss it across a parking lot like it was a Frisbee. We've all seen these types of divine depictions in movies, but on most occasions these empowered freaks of nature are clad in colourful tights and capes. But not in Josh Trank's sci-fi "found footage" feature Chronicle, which was made for far less than those other super human blockbusters ($15 million, actually).

Newcomer Dane DeHaan (True Blood) plays Andrew, a beleaguered teen chronicling his high school & at-home strain with his video camera. He captures his personal chaos, in his dying mother, his alcoholic & abusive father, and the fellow students who tease & taunt him daily.

Andrew's only refuge is the time spent with his cousin Matt (Alex Russell), and their school mate Steve (Michael B. Jordan), the three of whom during a late night stray from a barn rave, discover some hole in the ground that's been emitting loud, bizarre sounds. Camera in tow, the three boys relinquished their curiosity and went down under.

A crystalline object, glowing with human-like veinage, starred back at them, and it's only seconds later that the camera starts to malfunction, and the boys notice that blood is streaming from their noses. They complain that their heads hurt, and then the camera cuts out completely. Weeks pass, the hole has caved into itself, Andrew has a new camera, and the boys still have sporadic headaches and nose bleeds, but they've been stricken with something else, too.

Matt, Steve, and Andrew honed their newfound abilities, to move objects using only their mind. Telekinesis, in other words. In other word. They recognized that they were getting stronger with every passing day, as they explored the seemingly endless possibilities, which--as they soon figured out--included flying!

As I'm sure you might have guessed, things get outta hand from here on in. Andrew, distraught & determined, is out for vengeance, taking advantage of his advantages, spiralling into a state of rage for a world that's only let him down. As per usual, I'll have to back off here and let you find out what happens from there, even though there's a scene-for-scene outline on Wikipedia, but whatevs.

At times Chronicle felt silly and even overdone, despite the home video camera look, but nonetheless, I wanted more! And if you're into these types of movies, then I have a feeling you'll want more, too. Fortunately, Trank ended it with more than enough wiggle room for Chronicle 2. Yay!

4 outta 5 stars

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Below is the official trailer for Josh Trank's 'Chronicle'.


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