Why Fly Without Wi-Fi?

For those who care, the EIA now offers free wireless Internet access, in the midst of major growth


ISN'T it the worst when you're waiting in the airport terminal for your plane to start boarding for your 3rd trip to Vegas or Mexico (since those seem to be the only two destinations most of my friends know!), and you can't check out Snooky's latest trainwreck via YouTube? I know, right?!

Well, that's all about to change, my friends!

That's because, as of Friday (July 30), the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) offers "free, fast and reliable" wireless Internet, as part of its efforts to better connect with a growing and changing customer base.

That means that you can now visit your homepage, I Heart Edmonton, while waiting for your next flight! I know, right?!

EIA President & CEO Reg Milley: "We're excited to provide EIA customers with free Wi-Fi service. Free Wi-Fi joins our array of technology and online offerings, such as the new Hudson News' "Tech on the Go" store and our flight information screen for mobile devices. We're also connecting with our customers through social media," he continued, referring to the EIA's pages on Facebook and Twitter.

The EIA, which is currently underway on a $1 billion, 480,000 square foot expansion to be completed in late 2012 (see image and video below), will allow patrons free access to the World Wide Web at six business workstations in the domestic/ international passenger lounge area.

Prior to Friday, the Airport had provided Wi-Fi service--since June 2004--but for a fee. Now, passengers are welcome to go online free of cost by either signing into your Facebook account, receiving a password text, or applying for a carrier roaming partner account, or there's basic access for a 15-minute period.

Right now, and until August 13, 2010, you can become a Facebook fan of the EIA, and be automatically entered into their "Be an EIA Wi-Fi fan" contest to win a $1,000 travel voucher, a 32-Gigabyte IPod Touch, or even free parking!!

You can enter the contest by clicking here.

Below is a video clip featuring a virtual tour of the future Edmonton International Airport, where expansion is to be completed by the end of 2012.


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