Curious Edmontonians have noticed these chalk hashtags throughout Whyte and the downtown, but what do they mean?!

by emil tiedemann

WHAT does it all mean?! There are some mysterious #WhYEG tags showing up on the sidewalks and walkways of Edmonton's downtown and Whyte Avenue areas that have inquisitive locals wondering what they're all about. 

#WhYEG @ Alberta Legislature Grounds

They are red and white chalk installations that have all of a sudden shown up around Whyte Avenue between 102nd and 105th Street, as well as various locations downtown, including Churchill Square, the 104th Street Promenade, and the Legislature Grounds. 

#WhYEG @ Churchill Square

Although I am out of the loop as to #why they are filling the streets of #yeg, I promise to get to the bottom of what they mean! Stay tuned, and in the meantime check out some of the photos I snapped featuring the hashtag! 

#WhYEG @ Whyte Avenue


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