Nuit Blanche Edmonton 2015

Art fanatics, foodies, families and night owls alike are all encouraged to ignore their bedtimes to take in one of the coolest nights in Edmonton!

by emil tiedemann

REMEMBER when you were a kid and staying up all night was the greatest thing in the world! Let's be real, it's still exciting even now for some reason, but most of us are more than happy to crawl into bed as the credits of Fallon or Kimmel scroll across our TV screens.

The weekends are another thing altogether though, an excuse for us to stay up past our bedtimes and try to invite some excitement into our workaday lives. Well, the mother of excuses is almost upon us, so stock up on Red Bull and mark your calendars!

Nuit Blanche, a mesmerizing contemporary art celebration, will take over our downtown core for the first time on Saturday, September 26th from seven in the evening until four in the morning! And there will be something for everyone, so bring the whole family, and come as early or stay as late as you like!

Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014!

There will be more than 30 artworks on display, ranging from "beautiful and poetic to fun and interactive," including Brandon Vickerd's highly-anticipated Dance of the Cranes (presented by the Ice District)!

These pieces, including some specially commissioned for this FREE event, will be spread throughout the downtown area (click HERE for a map of all installations), most of which will be within a five-minute walking distance of Churchill Square.

Except stunning installations such as this one in Melbourne!

Because Nuit Blanche - which began in Paris in 2002 and has since spread to cities around the world - is a proud Feature Celebration Site of Alberta Culture Days (Sept. 25-27), some of the exhibits will remain open for extended hours, including Yoko Ono's interactive Wish Tree/Imagine Peace and Kelly Mark's 108 Leyton Ave video projection.

If you get hungry while roaming Edmonton's late night streets, Nuit's got you covered. Nearly a dozen food trucks will be on site, and there's even a Night Market (102 Ave. between 100-101 Streets) featuring food and crafts that goes on all the way until 3AM.

Montreal's Nuit Blanche lights up the night in 2015!

So, if you're like me and can't wait to pull an all-nighter like you did when homework was your biggest concern, then I will see you at Nuit Blanche Edmonton on September 26th! For now, you can also download their app, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

When/ Saturday, September 26 (7PM-4AM)
Where/ Downtown Edmonton (Churchill Square +)


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