Review/ Seven Tales

Tofield storyteller G.C. McRae takes us back to our childhoods with his collection of contemporary fairy tales

by paula e. kirman

MANY people of a certain generation (and beyond) grew up with the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. Contemporary storyteller G.C. McRae is following in the footsteps of these classic authors.

G.C. McRae's 'Seven Tales'

Simply titled Seven Tales, McRae took over 20 years to complete this collection of his own original fairy tales. Each story is substantial both in plot and characters, with many surprise twists. Each has its own balance of darkness and humour, with humour tending to win out, as well as endings that are hard to see coming.

At the same time, these are good, old-fashioned fairy tales with princes and princesses, kings and queens, giants, frogs, and other figures that people acquainted with the genre will recognize. McRae, who lives on a farm just east of Edmonton, says he is most proud of this book above his others.

Much of McRae's writing is geared towards children, but adults who like a good fantasy story will also appreciate Seven Tales. Each story is almost a miniature novel, and so much happens that sometimes it is hard to keep track. Fast-paced and detailed, the stories in Seven Tales need to be read more than once to be fully appreciated.

'Seven Tales' will remind you of what it was like to be a kid again!


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