Modern Family Vacation

Jubilations invites you aboard the Titanic II with the cast of one of TV's most beloved series

by emil tiedemann

I'LL admit, despite Jubilations Dinner Theatre's flawless track record of quality performances over the years, I was not exactly sure what I was getting into when I went to check out their latest production, Modern Family Vacation.

Randy Apostle & Bob Cunningham's 'Modern Family Vacation' runs at Jubilations (in West Ed) until October 25th!

Although I didn't really know what to expect, what I did know is that you can't really go wrong with a show at Jubilations, no matter what the subject. Modern Family Vacation was no exception.

To say that the actors were right on mark with mimicking the characters in the famous television series would be an understatement! It's almost as though you stepped onto the set of the Emmy-winning Modern Family, except that Jubilations' version has the familiar personalities on vacation aboard the Titanic II.

Mitchell and Cameron have left their young daughter at home to get some much needed alone time, while Claire and Phil have decided that they too need to get away from their daily routine. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria have booked a holiday on the Titanic II as well, though none of the couples are aware that they have just boarded a ship alongside most of the very people they were just trying to get away from.

The actual cast of 'Modern Family' on vacation!

Once they do realize that they're now stuck with each other aboard this massive ship for the duration of the trip, the familiar family frenzies begin, just like it would as if they were back home in sunny California. Except that they're out in the open seas and are about to take on an iceberg that is sure to put a dent in their vacation. Literally.

The music selection is across the board, as the actors sing and dance - on a Titanic set right out of the movies - to numbers ranging from '80s soundtrack themes to Taylor Swift. You really can't go wrong!

Whether you like the show Modern Family or not, you're not going to regret climbing aboard this hilarious voyage alongside some of TV's most likeable - and bankable! - characters. Let's face it, Jubilations always insures that you leave feeling like you're the "king of the world."

Modern Family Vacation plays at the Jubilations Dinner Theatre (in West Edmonton Mall) until October 25, so call 780-484-2424 to grab your tickets now! You can find more ticket information HERE, or check out the show's customized menu HERE!

The stunning interior of the Titanic II!


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