Red Robin's Oktoberfest Menu Includes UberBurger!

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers gets it right when it comes to how a burger was meant to look and taste!

by emil tiedemann

WE see ads for fast-food burger joints all the time, promoting their newest slabs of microwaved cheeseburgers slapped together before they even have a chance to ask you if you want fries with that.

Get down to Red Robin Gourmet Burgers before November 1st to try their new Oktoberfest-inspired UberBurger!

We get our germ-infused trays and go to sit down at one of the ketchup-encrusted tables, and tear open the greasy packaging only to realize that these things look nothing whatsoever like the cheeseburgers you see in the ads, the ones that got you there in the first place. Isn't that false advertising, and isn't that wrong? Yes and yes!

That's far from the experience you'll have at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, which recently introduced a brand new Oktoberfest-inspired menu highlighted by the mouth-watering UberBurger!

That's a half-pound Black Angus burger flame-grilled to order, topped with grilled bratwurst, candied bacon, Samuel Adams glazed onions, Merkts beer cheese, shredded romaine lettuce and beer mustard squeezed in between a toasted hand-crafted pretzel bun! It doesn't get more uber than that!

The award-winning Red Robin restaurants are a casual dining experience perfect for the whole family!

Red Robin, which has been operating since 1969, is also offering Cheesy Beer Brat, Great Northern Poutine Fries, and a Spiced Pumpkin Pie Milkshake, and of course, their bottomless steak fries as always!

But, it's all for just a limited time, so make sure you make your way to your nearest Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (there are over 500 locations throughout North America) before November 1st and see what a real burger is supposed to look and taste like!

There are four Red Robin Gourmet Burgers locations in Edmonton: 11215-104 Avenue, 4211-106 Street, 4970-137 Avenue, and 10010-171 Street.


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