Who's Running for Edmonton City Council in 2021?

Find Out What Each Candidate for Mayor and City Councillor Stands For...

By Emil Tiedemann

There will be some big changes coming to Edmonton's City Council this September, as Mayor Don Iveson, Ward Métis (#6) City Councillor Scott McKeen, and Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi (#10) City Councillor Michael Walters have all announced that they will not be seeking re-election. They were all elected to their current positions the same year, in 2013. 

Mayor Don Iveson.

"It is an incredible honour, and a humbling duty, to serve as your mayor and I am thankful for every day I get to serve our community,” Iveson said last November. “With a year remaining, I want to make clear that my singular daily focus is working tirelessly to protect and help Edmontonians impacted by COVID-19 and the economic challenges we face.”

"I will miss working with so many committed civil servants, who bring their talent and humility to the job every day,” McKeen wrote earlier this month. “I will miss some city council members and I will miss you, the constituents who challenged me, chastised me and, yes, occasionally praised me. The vast, vast majority of you simply want a better Edmonton to call home. I love that about you."

Starting last year, a number of aspiring locals bravely stepped forward and put their names in the hat, running for either Mayor of Edmonton or one of the dozen City Council spots on October 18, 2021. Below, I have listed off all of the people (that I am aware of) running for office in Edmonton during 2021 (in alphabetical order). If you know of someone who is NOT on this list or has dropped out of the race, please fill me in! As for the candidates listed below, please feel free to contact me if there is anything you would like for me to add, change, or delete. All biographical paragraphs were written by the candidates themselves. 

Oh, and if YOU are thinking about running, click HERE for information on the official nomination process. You have until September 20, 2021 to file your nomination papers, and there is a $100 and $500 deposit for candidates running for City Councillor (or School Board Trustee) and Mayor, respectively. You can find more information on your ward HERE, figure out which ward you live in HERE, or figure out how to pronounce each ward HERE. Good luck to everyone who is running in 2021! 

* = Incumbent

= The candidate has officially completed the nomination process. For more information on this, please click HERE. 

Number of Candidates Per Ward:

-Mayor: 10 candidates (10 registered)
        1. Abdul Malik Chukwudi (☑)
        2. Rick Comrie (☑)
        3. Brian "Breezy" Gregg (☑)
        4. Kim Krushell (☑)
        5. Augustine Marah (☑)
        6. Mike Nickel (☑)
        7. Michael Oshry (☑)
        8. Amarjeet Sohi (☑)
        9. Diana Steele (☑)
        10. Cheryll Watson (☑)

-Ward Anirniq (formerly Ward 2): 6 candidates (6 registered)
        1. Mark Davies (☑)
        2. Bev Esslinger* (☑)
        3. Ali Haymour (☑)
        4. Michelle Henderson (☑)
        5. Erin Rutherford (☑)
        6. Tyler Zutz (☑)

-Ward Dene (4): 4 candidates (4 registered)
        1. Gerard Mutabazi Amani (☑)
        2. Lana Palmer (☑)
        3. Aaron Paquette (☑)
        4. Tricia Velthuizen (☑)

-Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi (10): 6 candidates (6 registered)
        1. Rhiannon Hoyle (☑)
        2. Scott Johnston (☑)
        3. Dan Johnstone (☑)
        4. Glynnis Lieb (☑)
        5. Jon Morgan (☑)
        6. Jennifer Rice (☑)

-Ward Karhiio (11): 5 candidates (5 registered)
         1. Sana Kakar (☑)
        2. Charan Saggu (☑)
        3. Tom Shaw (☑)
        4. Keren Tang (☑)
        5. Shamair Turner (☑)

-Ward Métis (6): 7 candidates (7 registered)
        1. Liz John-West (☑)
        2. James Kosowan (☑)
        3. Cori Longo (☑)
        4. Caroline Matthews (☑)
        5. Salar Melli (☑)
        6. Ashley Salvador (☑)
        7. Steven Townsend (☑)

-Ward Nakota Isga (1): 2 candidates (2 registered)
        1. Andrew Knack* (☑)
        2. Steve Weston (☑)

-Ward O-day'min (5): 8 candidates (8 registered)
        1. Gino Akbari (☑)
        2. Gabrielle Battiste (☑)
        3. Adrian Bruff (☑)
        4. Tony Caterina* (☑)
        5. Naima Haile (☑)
        6. Bill Knight (☑)
        7. Anne Stevenson (☑)
        8. Joshua Wolchansky (☑)

-Ward papastew (8): 6 candidates (6 registered)
        1. Haruun J. Ali (☑)
        2. James Cameron (☑)
        3. Kirsten Goa (☑)
        4. Michael Janz (☑)
        5. Tarcy Schindelka (☑)
        6. Byron Vass (☑)

-Ward pihêsiwin (9): 2 candidates (2 registered)
        1. Guiscela Perez Arellano (☑)
        2. Tim Cartmell* (☑)

-Ward sipiwiyiniwak (7): 3 candidates (3 registered)
        1. Giselle General (☑)
        2. Sarah Hamilton* (☑)
        3. Derek Hlady (☑)

-Ward Sspomitapi (12): 3 candidates (3 registered)
        1. Moe Banga* (☑)
        2. Sanjay Malhotra (☑)
        3. Rashpal Sehmby (☑)

-Ward tastawiyiniwak (ᑕᐢᑕᐃᐧᔨᓂᐊᐧᐠ) (3): 6 candidates (6 registered)
        1. Ahmed "Knowmadic" Ali (☑)
        2. Cody Bondarchuk (☑)
        3. Jon Dziadyk* (☑)
        4. Iannie Gerona (☑)
        5. Zain Hafiz (☑)
        6. Karen Principe (☑)

-Total: 68 candidates (68 registered)

Registered = Candidates who have officially completed the nomination process. 

- Edmonton Municipal Election - 
Monday, October 18, 2021

Candidates for Mayor:

1. Abdul Malik Chukwudi (☑): No information available yet. 

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Abdul Malik Chukwudi

2. Rick Comrie (☑): "Hello, I'm Rick Comrie. Born and raised in Edmonton. I grew up in the Pleasantview Community. I had my first business at the age of 12 delivering papers for the Edmonton Journal. My education from preschool to grade 7 was at Mount Pleasant then 8 and 9 to Avalon then to Harry Ainlay High. Then I went onto NAIT for Business accounting and marketing. Growing up in Pleasantview, I feel I won the lottery. Friendships lasting a lifetime. Like most kids, I was influenced by my environment. My Great Grandfather and Grandfather and my Dad were business owners, I was sure to follow. So sad to see Edmonton, converted to a European Municipal Model, such a misfit to western society. Edmonton was once known as the "City of Champions," a distant memory now. Edmonton was once a vibrant thriving business hub reduced to what you see today. Homelessness, crime, joblessness, business failure, etc., etc., etc. There is a solution."

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Rick Comrie

3. Brian "Breezy" Gregg (☑): "My name is Breezy Brian Gregg and I’m on a Quest to become the next Mayor of The City of Edmonton. This Quest is about getting big money out of politics here and everywhere. Remember Katie Oppen’s Zero Money Campaign in 2001? This is a Zero Money Quest. I will ask for zero monetary donations. I will have no signs. No paper brochures. This web site, www.briangregg.com is my virtual brochure. And one of the things I am promoting in my Quest … Well first of all I have to say that I’m a Hippie and I believe in peace and love. Love and respect for everyone. And what I want to promote is a new public service, a communication service I call The Digital Public Library, a place online where we can go and access all content."

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Brian Gregg

4. Kim Krushell (☑): "I want to be the next mayor of Edmonton, your mayor, because I am for Edmonton. I am ready to take on the challenge of leading us toward our collective and promising future. Any vision for Edmonton needs to be rooted in a recognition of our vast potential. My vision is a simple one: it’s about common-sense innovation. It’s about focusing on the things that matter most, right now. It’s about the people who live here. My plan for Edmonton will be guided by core principles of collaboration, consensus-building, and empowerment. And it will only work if we work together."

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Kim Krushell

5. Augustine Marah (☑)"Having come to Edmonton through the generosity of a former co-worker as a teacher in a Senior High School in Sierra Leone and my university tuition paid for by an Alberta -based non-profit organization, I am running to become the mayor of Edmonton to contribute to the city that has made the most significant impact in my life. Among other things, I am very concerned about the quality of life for Edmontonians, which begins with people’s health and their environment. Having had experience in Entrepreneurship and small business, I am interested in finding creative ways to increase, improve and diversify job creation for the prosperity of the people of Edmonton. Also want to continue the efforts of Mayor Don Iveson in reducing the homeless population of Edmonton."

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Augustine Marah

6. Mike Nickel (☑): "Just like you, I love this city & know it deserves better. Our incredible families & businesses are struggling, getting further behind. For too long City Hall has neglected its core responsibility to our communities. We need a city that provides value for everyone, not just the special interest groups. It's your turn to get ahead! I'm running to be your Mayor. Together, we will recover and prosper. That is my great hope for Edmonton." 

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Mike Nickel

7. Michael Oshry (☑): "Michael began his entrepreneurial career in Edmonton establishing a diverse number of local businesses in the retail and hospitality fields, including creating Remedy Cafe. He co-founded FIRMA Foreign Exchange (formerly Globex Foreign Exchange) in 1998 and remained its President and CEO until 2013. During that time, he spearheaded and facilitated the expansion of the company to have multiple locations in five countries. FIRMA is the largest privately owned financial services company in Canada, transacting over 11 billion dollars per year. In 2007, he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Michael is currently on the board of directors of FIRMA. Michael was elected to represent Ward 5 on Edmonton City Council in October 2013. In that capacity he served on a variety of committees, boards, and initiatives including the Transportation Committee (Chair), Edmonton Northlands, the Emerging Economy Initiative and the Edmonton Police Commission. He also created Edmonton Made (edmontonmade.com - showcasing products and services made in Edmonton), and the Open Window initiatives at the COE, which is a one stop shop for permits, licensing, and other information to assist people in starting a business. He more recently founded Blue Pen Capital, which finances small and medium sized builders, mostly with infill construction projects. He is also on the board of the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation, The Business Link, and is mentoring small business owners via the University of Alberta’s Venture Mentoring Service."

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Michael Oshry

8. Amarjeet Sohi (☑)"Economic resilience is possible when we have a strong social fabric. Let’s combine our economic values with our social values. The economy, social issues, climate change, and equity are interconnected. A healthy economy starts with healthy, resilient people. If we want stronger communities with thriving businesses, we must address issues of homelessness, substance use, and mental health. And we cannot leave anyone behind as we tackle climate change. We must create the conditions for people to give their best to our society and economy. True success will only be felt when we address the deep-seated issues of racial pain and trauma. This is work we must do together. I’m spending the next few months meeting with Edmontonians to hear their views on the city’s future. I’ll be releasing a more detailed platform over the summer."

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Amarjeet Sohi

9. Diana Steele (☑): "My name is Diana Steele and I am running to be your next Mayor of Edmonton. I have been a steady community volunteer since I was a teenager and developed the understanding of the concept of giving back. Over the past 6 years I have dedicated myself to the community of Crestwood and surrounding areas. I am currently the President of Crestwood Community League and run two large private community pages on Facebook. I have volunteered with the Festival of Trees, KidSport, Candy Cane Lane, and created the nationally recognized fundraiser Soccer Balls for Syrians. Over the past 18 years I have run 3 of my own small businesses, taught business courses at NorQuest College and developed senior leadership policies for the Government of Alberta. Currently, I am enjoying my role with the Pilgrims Hospice as we prepare to open Edmonton’s first free standing residential hospice. I am also on contract with the Federal Government as a Designated Representative and I substitute teach from time to time. My education includes a Bachelor of Education, a Master’s Degree in Work, Organization and Leadership and a certificate in Organization Development Foundations from Queens University. If elected I would like to examine: Both property and business taxes, rebuilding Edmonton businesses and attracting innovation and new business to our city, purposeful spending, the downtown bike lane system, photo radar locations, and speed limit changes. I also want to protect the river valley, continue working with the Government of Alberta to eliminate homelessness, and all ensure all LRT development is completed properly. Finally, I am not part of the political elite, nor do I come from a family dynasty. I am simply a girl with a public servant heart who wants to lead this city with compassion, post-pandemic. We need a leader who will make the best decisions for Edmontonians, because they are the best decisions for our city, with no hidden agenda. I hope you will consider me as your candidate of choice." 

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Diana Steele

10. Cheryll Watson (☑): "Hi, I’m Cheryll. I’m a born and raised Edmontonian, tech sector leader, and recent VP of Innovate Edmonton. Most importantly, I’m committed to positively impacting our city’s future. That’s why I’m engaging with Edmontonians – to champion our best ideas to solve our city’s greatest challenges. I intend to run for mayor in 2021. But before I lead, I’m here to listen. For the next few months, I’m dedicating my time to meeting and hearing from as many Edmontonians as possible. 2020 has caused all of us to look inwards – and re-evaluate what matters most in our lives and communities. What matters most to me? A city that serves every Edmontonian. I've led transformational change in both the private and public sector. Now I want to lead our city forward. Change is happening. To get it right, we need your voice. 

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Cheryll Watson

Candidates for Ward Anirniq 
(formerly Ward 2):

1Mark Davies (☑): "I am only as strong as the input, concerns, questions, and discussions that arise from talking to each ward member. I also feel it is important to share my platform while recognizing that fluidity is an aspect that encompasses all city relationships." 
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Mark Davies

2. Bev Esslinger(☑): "Bev is a married mother of two grown children and a grandmother. She has lived in Ward 2 for more than 18 years. Before being elected to City Council, she served two terms as an Edmonton Public School Board Trustee and four years as Chair of the Board. While a Trustee she also served three years as a Director for the Alberta School Boards Association, as well as on a number of committees within Edmonton Public including the Multi-Cultural Task Force, Community Engagement and District Priorities. Bev was instrumental in the development of a Board Strategic Plan and the inception of the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation where she served on the Board of Governors."

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Bev Esslinger

3. Ali Haymour (☑)No information available yet. 

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Ali Haymour

4. Michelle Henderson (☑): "My name is Michelle Henderson and I am running for Edmonton City Council for the Anirniq ward. I was born and raised in North Edmonton and currently reside in Anirniq (Northwest YEG). My passion is connecting with individuals in my local community. I have been running one of Edmonton's largest family resources, "Edmonton Mama" for many years and I would love to carry over my experience connecting with families, individuals and small local businesses into the role of City Councillor. I want to know your opinions. I want to hear your view points. I want to know what will make you love your neighbourhood even more and I want to be the collective voice of our ward."

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Michelle Henderson

5. Erin Rutherford (☑)"I’m seeking your support for Councillor Ward Anirniq. I’ve called Edmonton home for 20 years. I love the diversity, energy, and sense of community that exists, especially here in Ward Anirniq. I’ve been working hard to drive change from within. Each and every day of the last 11 years that I’ve been in public service has been about building community. It’s been incredible, working with the community, advocating for the rights of young people and LGBTQ2S+, supporting public engagement on capital projects, and leading a team dedicated to major issues like poverty and homelessness and equity, diversity, and inclusion. I want to help build an Edmonton that works for all Edmontonians, with a strong local economy, healthy environment and social wellbeing. Support me for Ward Anirniq as I put my passion, drive, experience, and knowledge to work for you."

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Erin Rutherford

6. Tyler Zutz (☑): "I have decided to run because I want to represent and inspire Edmontonians. Over time, my journey has seen me grow from being frustrated, to angered and finally… motivated; to change a shortcoming in how politicians choose to represent their constituents. I am tired of politicians justifying their poor decisions. I believe that our representatives have lost their way. I no longer believe that they understand what real accountability looks like. I want to change that conversation, and forge a new type of relationship between constituents and representatives. I believe there is a better way forward. A new way…."

Here are 10 Questions for Tyler!

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Tyler Zutz

Candidates for Ward Dene 
(formerly Ward 4):

1. Gerard Mutabazi Amani (☑): "My purpose has always been to serve humanity and improve their livelihood in everything that I do. Whether it’s employment, volunteering on the frontlines, leading events, moderating or speaking at events, I am always driven by the desire to transform people’s lives and build a better, inclusive, and prosperous Edmonton for all. It is for these reasons why I have decided to run for City Council in the City of Edmonton 2021 Municipal Elections for Ward Dene also known as Ward 4. I’m grateful for the work that I have done over the years and humbled by the countless lives I’ve touched near and far but I believe that the work has just started."

Here are 10 Questions for Gerard!

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Gerard Mutabazi Amani

2. Lana Palmer (☑)"I believe in an Edmonton with the brightest future ahead. A future you and I can help build together. I believe we can build an Edmonton where people wake up excited every morning because they are happy, feel safe and have a purpose. A city that is a beacon of light in the true north. A city where every person can go to work feeling that their representatives at City Hall have the best interest of the community in every decision they make. That their hard earned tax dollars will be spent wisely. That every decision will be made taking into account their consequences, not only to the immediate future but for generations to come. A city where city council believes that it's not about being "in charge" but about taking care of those 'in our charge'."

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Lana Palmer

3. Aaron Paquette* (☑)"Aaron Paquette was elected to Edmonton City Council on October 16, 2017. Aaron's work is shaped by his passion for community building and common-sense decision making. Aaron works hard for good jobs and a thriving economy, and cares about community safety and recreation spaces for families. He is fighting for responsible budgeting and smart planning, and is making sure Edmontonians are getting where they need to go. Councillor Paquette has sponsored the Council Initiative on Food and Agribusiness Diversification, and has also taken a leadership role working on the Child-Friendly Edmonton, End Poverty Edmonton, Multiculturalism, Literacy, and Urban Isolation/Mental Health Initiatives. Prior to his election to Council, Aaron owned a thriving small business and worked as an award-winning Indigenous artist and author."

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Aaron Paquette

4. Tricia Velthuizen (☑): "My name is Tricia Velthuizen and I am a proud, lifelong Edmontonian. I love this city and everything it has to offer. And that’s why I want to continue serving the good people of this city in a new way. Edmonton has given me so many opportunities in both the private and public sectors, from helping grieving families in funeral services, to serving individuals and families at the public library, to working for the people of Alberta in government. For me, there is no higher calling than serving my community. I find volunteer work so rewarding, whether it’s serving on the board of the Somali Canadian Women and Children Association (headquartered on Fort Road) or supporting the work of the Melanoma Network of Canada, important as my father continues to fight his battle with this cancer. My parents taught me that a lifetime of service to the people in my community is the best way to bring about the change you want to see in the world. Having lived in northeast Edmonton for so many years, I have seen others take our community for granted. We need a committed, strong voice to make sure our issues become issues for all Edmontonians. That will require experience, skills, and an overwhelming sense of pride in the good people of northeast Edmonton. That will also require conversations with Edmontonians living in this northeast ward and I am looking forward to those conversations from now until election day. My name is Tricia Velthuizen, and I’m asking you to help me make northeast Edmonton the jewel in the crown of our fair city that you know it to be."

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Tricia Velthuizen

Candidates for Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi 
(formerly Ward 10):

1. Rhiannon Hoyle (☑): "My husband and I chose to build our home in this ward 16 years ago to start a family and raise our kids here. I’ve seen Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi grow from dirt roads and fields to the vibrant and diverse community it is today. I’m proud to have played a role in helping it get to where it is now, but there is much more work to be done. It has been my joy to serve Edmonton for over 20 years. From advocating for schools in this ward to successfully managing multi-million dollar projects, I know how to get critical community services and amenities to the people who need them. Now, I want to be a champion for you at City Council.

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Rhiannon Hoyle

2. Scott Johnston (☑): "I had been in the radio and media business for four decades — almost 30 years covering City Hall. Over that time I've had the chance to see what works and what doesn't. And now, I have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with Edmontonians. I’ve worked hard to gain a deep understanding of Edmonton, City Council, and what goes into a successful (or failed) policy. Municipal government has a direct impact on the everyday lives of Edmontonians and I want to share my thoughts and opinions to hopefully help to shape where our city goes. I'm proud to say that I've gained the respect of current and past city councillors and other community builders for my pragmatic and reasoned approach. I’ve volunteered with the Terwillegar Riverbend Area Council (TRAC) as well as my local community league and keep that experience and the hard work of volunteers who serve their communities in mind with what I write. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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Scott Johnston

3. Dan Johnstone (☑): "Dan (he/him) has been passionately serving Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi and the City of Edmonton for the last decade. He has built his long-standing reputation on listening to the needs of others and responding with hard work and compassion. Dan continually empowers his community to create positive change, and now wants to bring his dedication and work ethic to Edmonton's city council to serve YOU.

Here are 10 Questions for Dan!

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Dan Johnstone

4. Glynnis Lieb (☑): "Glynnis is a community leader and advocate. She is a social psychologist and has worked for both government and not-for-profit social services, as a post-secondary instructor, and on behalf of working Albertans. She is a tireless long-time volunteer for a variety of local events and organizations. Like so many Edmontonians, she came to this city to build a better life. Over the years, she has created a strong bond with her community, always connecting with residents and working alongside numerous organizations and businesses. She wants to give back to the city that has done so much for her. Glynnis is about building prosperity for all; believing that for everyone to contribute to the richness of their community they must feel they belong and have a place. Above all else, she believes that people do best when they have each other’s backs. To bring out the best in people, we must bring out the best in our city and the neighbourhoods in which they live in. Glynnis believes that Edmontonians are tired of waiting for action. They want a city that gets the basics right, while creating a culture of inclusion and innovation. She understands budgets, governance, and people and she's ready to get to work building a better city where everyone can succeed."

Here are 10 Questions for Glynnis!

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Glynnis Lieb

5. Jon Morgan (☑): No information available yet.  

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Jon Morgan

6. Jennifer Rice (☑): "Jennifer Rice (she/her) is a resident of Edmonton Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi, has deep roots in the community, and has long been dedicated to serving it. With a passion for serving the community and a willingness to listen, Jennifer has for many years put her heart into supporting Edmontonians to create positive changes for our community. Jennifer now looks forward to bringing her dedication and passion for community service to Edmonton’s City Council as your voice on community issues that matter to you the most. ​As an experienced public servant, community leader, and former university professor, some of the characteristics that make Jennifer a leading candidate for Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi are her commitment to excellence and comprehensive set of qualifications. A good set of qualifications, which Jennifer has, are necessary to provide the leadership to responsibly oversee the administration of a city the size of Edmonton. Jennifer’s qualifications that will make a difference on City Council include experience in Financial and Business Planning, Infrastructure Capital Administration, Family and Community Safety, Homelessness Prevention, Government Program Evaluation, Teaching and Education, Community Services."
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Jennifer Rice

Candidates for Ward Karhiio 
(formerly Ward 11):

1. Sana Kakar (☑): "My name is Sana Kakar and I present myself as a candidate to serve the people of Karhiio, and Edmonton in the upcoming Municipal Elections in October 2021. My academic training, professional experience, civic vocation and Albertan pride gives me the impetus to serve my city and its inhabitants. I have, under my belt, training in Affordable homes as my major during my postgraduate in Housing. As a student of the discipline, I had the privilege to work on housing related issues for a variety of municipalities, predominantly the City of Cornwall, Ontario, and Regina, Saskatchewan. Prior to pursuing a degree in Housing, I had conferred upon me, the degree of Architecture and Planning which had me not only involved in building design, but I have been involved in Urban Planning and the study of Environment."

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Sana Kakar

2. Charan Saggu (☑): No information available yet. 

3. Tom Shaw (☑)"I've always had pride in my community—since my parents built my childhood home in Millwoods in the 70’s, started my own family life near the Grey Nuns, and now for over a decade in our forever home in Southeast Edmonton—I know Karhiio, the people, the culture, our challenges, and our advantages. I’m proud to have my kids going to the same schools I did, playing in the same parks, parking their bikes on the same front lawns, and building life long friendships in our communities. I live Karhiio and why I’ll continue to be a representative, a friend, an advocate, and provide results from meaningful engagement, as your Councillor."

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Tom Shaw

4. Keren Tang (☑): "I am a public health advocate, community organizer, city builder, and your neighbour. I began my career as a teacher in a rural, Indigenous community. That experience has led me down a path of public health research, policy development, and advocacy for positive change – from City Hall to down the block. As your next City Councillor, I want your voice to be heard! My aim is to use participatory engagement to bring community perspectives to life and to build our city, together. Decisions made by City Council affect each ward uniquely now and for years to come. We need more big picture and systems thinkers with bold new approaches, and that is the lens I will bring to council. Lasting, significant change doesn’t come without decision-making that pushes the envelope toward a better future for our communities. I look forward to connecting with you over the coming year to talk about how together, we can make our neighbourhood, our broader communities and Edmonton an even more vibrant city."

Here are 10 Questions for Keren!

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Keren Tang

5. Shamair Turner (☑): "We need practical, decisive leadership in Ward Karhiio. You deserve to live in a community that works for you. You deserve to live in a community where good jobs and opportunities are within reach. This is a critical time for Edmonton. So many of the services we expect to be there for us have been disrupted. That can be unnerving. But, with a bold vision, it also brings new opportunities. We are living through incredible change. The truth is, we need to embrace it. This is our chance to create programs, efficiencies, and priorities for the City in new ways. I am a business professional, active community member and advocate for Edmonton. I value people’s perspectives, lifestyles and experiences. And I know that meaningful dialogue is the key to creating better solutions for Edmontonians—both in their jobs and communities. My name is Shamair Turner. I will fight for innovation, quality services, affordable housing, and business growth. I’m driven by the foundational belief that smart financial decisions and climate action need to be part of every plan. I’ll make sure your ward and city work for you."

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Shamair Turner

Candidates for Ward Métis 
(formerly Ward 7):

1. Liz John-West (☑)"I’ve worked in Edmonton’s social services field for over thirty years and understand the needs of people and communities at a profound level. I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Political Science and have spent my career building community programs, supporting women and children in domestic violence, and I have been a director in two prominent social institutions. I understand community dynamics while having the knowledge and expertise to manage the administrative and financial processes of an organization. In my current position as a director, I manage numerous programs with a staff of eighty and a budget of over 7 million. I work closely with the provincial government in fiscal management, program development and service delivery. I understand the importance of balancing the needs of the organization and clients with the municipal and provincial stakeholders that provide essential partnerships. I know what it is to be a proud Edmontonian, having lived in the community for over 30 years and being directly in touch with my neighbourhood. I feel I know what Ward Métis needs. My father was a successful small business owner, first building houses, and then later running a local grocery store. My childhood also led me to become a strong advocate for women, equality and justice, leading me to complete my MA in Indigenous Community Development. I grew up building a community with my family and my neighbours."

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Liz John-West

2. James Kosowan: "James has experience working at both the provincial and municipal levels of government.  Having worked at City Hall for three years in the 1990s, he has an intimate knowledge of how city government operates.  In fact, he played a small role in getting the city to initially adopt BusLink to provide transit commuters an easily accessible information system. James has been a dedicated member of his community and of his profession. He has worked to improve his communities of Bonnie Doon and Strathearn, as well as the city as a whole through efforts ranging from cleaning up Mill Creek Ravine to spearheading new streetlights in Strathearn.  James has also won teaching awards, which illustrate his tremendous dedication to his students and professional responsibilities. Ultimately, a strong belief in community is the driving force that has prompted James to run for city council. He believes that community engagement is a vital component of the planning and development process, and he is dedicated to ensuring that residents in mature neighbourhoods are given a stronger voice in influencing the types of development that take place in the communities of Ward 6 (Métis)."

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James Kosowan

3. Cori Longo (☑)"Cori Longo has deep roots in Edmonton. She grew up in Belmead, and today lives in Alberta Avenue with her partner Michael and their two children. Cori has worked as a postal worker and registered nurse, and now advocates for working people in Alberta with the Canadian Labour Congress. Community health and well-being drive everything Cori does. In the midst of a public health crisis, she is committed to supporting the lives and livelihoods of Edmontonians. It’s why she wants to bring her expertise and experience to representing the communities of Ward Métis (6). The time is right to elect a progressive woman who will show up every day for her constituents."

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Cori Longo

4. Caroline Matthews (☑)"Making things work is the story of Caroline Matthews’ life and career and she will bring practical wisdom to the role. As a Vancouver City Police Officer – the only woman in her 1984 cadet graduating class – Caroline worked with social workers and psychiatric nurses specialized in providing emergency care across the city for persons struggling with mental health issues and safety intervention for vulnerable children. As a hotel manager in the Northwest Territories community of Cambridge Bay, Caroline worked with local Indigenous residents to create jobs and opportunities in the tourism and hospitality business. As an entrepreneur in the United Kingdom, Caroline worked to establish a chain of successful coffee shops. As Director of Recruitment for the University of Alberta’s Executive MBA and Master of Financial Management programs, Caroline worked with business executives from various sectors including the oil patch to develop their skills, knowledge, and success."

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Caroline Matthews

5. Salar Melli (☑)"Salar Melli is a local entrepreneur with far-reaching vision on how to continue building and improving our communities in Ward Metis. He is passionate about Edmonton and its citizens, which has reflected robustly throughout his career and personal life. Salar feels strongly about Edmonton heritage. In 2016, Salar and his wife bought a 100-year-old house in Alberta Avenue that was set to be torn down, and had it designated as a historic site. He has been working with the City of Edmonton to sort out zoning in order to transform his house into a café, so that this unique heritage can be a greater part of his immediate community. Salar takes satisfaction in bringing life to historic places, and desires to create experiences where people can step back in time and encounter the rich heritage of our city."

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Salar Melli

6. Ashley Salvador (☑)"Ashley Salvador is a doer and has never sat on the sidelines. She has been active at the municipal level long before she decided to run for office. Ashley is an entrepreneur, vocal community advocate, urban planner & award-winning scholar who loves our City. She has a track record of working hard to deliver value for Edmontonians and is committed to making our City the best place to raise a family, retire, open a business, and live a healthy, active life. She has worked with Alberta Municipal Affairs, the University of Alberta’s Office of Sustainability, the City of Waterloo & World Health Organization's Age Friendly Cities Initiative, and Abundant Community Edmonton. She's self-employed as the Founder and President of YEGarden Suites, which has driven over $15 million of investment into our mature neighbourhoods. Ashley has a background in Sustainability and Sociology and has served on the Board of Directors at the Edmonton Social Planning Council, Old Strathcona Business Association, Infill Development in Edmonton Association, and on the Street Speeds Committee with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues."

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Ashley Salvador

7. Steven Townsend (☑): "Steven is a dedicated community builder, entrepreneurial innovator, and proud born and raised Edmontonian. A true entrepreneur at heart, Steven opened The Briefing Room on Whyte Avenue in 2012, and eventually expanded to four locations. With the success of The Briefing Room, he was able to give back to the community through charity work with The Bissell Centre, Camp fYrefly, Fruit Loop, No Woman Without Period, and other worthy causes. While juggling the busy schedule of a small business owner, Steven still finds the time to give back to his community through volunteer work. He has dedicated his time and expertise to several organizations and nonprofits including Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Alberta Avenue Revitalization Initiative, Sexual and Gender Minorities Community Liaison Committee of the Edmonton Police Chiefs Advisory Council, Rat Creek Press, Parkdale-Cromdale Community League, and more. Steven understands firsthand what many business owners and community members are facing in these unprecedented times. Steven believes that through innovation, fiscal responsibility, and our community spirit we will once again come back stronger and more resilient than ever before. Steven is excited to embrace the opportunity to bring his tireless work ethic and innovative initiatives to the people of Ward Métis."

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Steven Townsend

Candidates for Ward Nakota Isga 
(formerly Ward 1):

1. Andrew Knack(☑)"Andrew was born in Edmonton, raised just west in the city of Spruce Grove and has lived in west Edmonton since early 2002. Andrew received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta in 2006 and managed a retail business based in West Edmonton Mall until being elected in 2013. He is a strong advocate of our community league system and served on both the Meadowlark and Jasper Park Community Leagues. During his time on Edmonton's City Council, Andrew has served as the Council representative on the Accessibility Advisory Committee, City of Edmonton Youth Council, and Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board. He is responsible for four Council Initiatives: NextGen, Seniors, Public Engagement, and Transportation Innovation. Andrew also sits on the Edmonton Public Library Board of Trustees and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Board of Directors as Vice President for Cities over 500,000."

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Andrew Knack

2. Steve Weston (☑): "I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to represent the ward I grew up in, and currently reside. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you, and hearing your concerns. Ward 1 has a new name, it's time for a new voice!"

Here are 10 Questions for Steve!

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Steve Weston

Candidates for Ward O-day-min 
(formerly Ward 6):

1. Gino Akbari (☑)"I am passionate about our city that provides a home to my family. I want to see it thrive in the future, that means a vibrant and affordable city core. As your representative, I will dedicate myself to being accessible and working hard with you to make our city a place we can all call home."

Here are 10 Questions for Gino!

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Gino Akbari

2. Gabrielle Battiste 
(☑)"My name is Gabrielle Battiste & I am working to be your City Councillor for the new O-day'min ward in Edmonton. I'm asking for your vote and your support as I meet with each of you to listen to your concerns, wants and needs. I will work hard to meet with as many individuals and local business owners in my ward as I can, and, if elected I will work harder to keep your trust, respect and faith as I represent your issues. Our Ward is at the Heart of the City of Edmonton. We work hard, we play hard and we support one another. I am your neighbour, a homeowner and a small and local businessperson. I am first of all a mother. I am also a wife and a friend. I have a dog and a cat who are almost as much trouble as they are a joy. I believe strongly in Transparency, Accountability, Fiscal Responsibility and Citizen Engagement. I've experienced the ups and downs of executive credit union leadership, complex business management and oversight, losing jobs, looking for jobs, not being able to afford milk for the table - and everything in between. Every person is unique in their struggles and their accomplishments. As I meet each of you, I look forward to listening to you and learning from you - because YOU are what makes O-day'min the Heart of Edmonton and my purpose is to serve you."

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Gabrielle Battiste

3. Adrian Bruff (☑)"I am a community activist and organizer. A MacEwan Alumni who works as a Social Worker and Disability Advocate within our communities. I am involved in the disability field, housing our homeless, crime and safety and working to reintegrate adults back into our community that have been involved in the Criminal Justice System. I am a homeowner, resident of Oliver and volunteer on various community boards. I am passionate about community growth and development and an advocate for working-class families. Let’s make Edmonton the best place to live, raise a family, invest, and retire. We can create safer communities, a thriving economy, and a city that is affordable for everyone. I believe we can accomplish this by investing in our neighborhoods, supporting small business, and prioritizing sustainability."

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Adrian Bruff

4. Tony Caterina(☑)"Tony knows that to get what you want you have to ask for it and make a strong case. The system isn’t always fair, but it can be made to work by people who care for the community and don’t give up. Good economic policy is good social policy. By focusing on core services, we will grow our economic base, establish strong fiscal fundamentals and ensure positive long-term growth for Edmonton."

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Tony Caterina

5. Naima Haile (☑): No information available yet. 

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Naima Haile

6. Bill Knight (☑): "Self-made businessman, philanthropist and lucky family man. I'm passionate about making Edmonton the best place to work, live, and raise a family." 

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Bill Knight

7. Anne Stevenson (☑)"Anne is an urban planner who is passionate about building equitable cities that serve all residents. Following an undergraduate in international development and economics, she went on to complete a masters in city design. After ten years of working and traveling abroad, Anne was thrilled to return to her hometown of Edmonton in 2012. She spent seven years at the City of Edmonton and is currently working with the Right at Home Housing Society to provide affordable housing solutions to meet the diverse needs of our community."

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Anne Stevenson

8. Joshua Wolchansky (☑)"O-day’min is the heart of our city. With the highest population density, four post-secondary institutions, and the majority of our arts and culture, hospitality, and labour activity. It generates millions of dollars in economic activity for Edmontonians. The heart of our city is in danger. Our economy is stalled, the housing and poverty crises need urgent attention, people have less opportunity, and we are losing our sense of community. On October 18, we will decide who is elected to be our next representative – our voice on Council. We need to elect a Councillor who will fight for the heart of the City. I want to honour our ward’s heritage as a gathering place – a place of building new opportunities. We can make it through these challenges by working together and embracing what ties us together. As your Councillor, I promise to fight for progress and inclusion, and lead with empathy. I will be a strong voice for workers and our local economy, for the hospitality sector, and for bold social progress. We will leverage our unique strengths to address the challenges we face."

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Joshua Wolchansky

Candidates for Ward papastew 
(formerly Ward 8):

1. Haruun J. Ali (☑)"I am running to be your next councilor for Ward Papastew. I have lived in the Southside of Edmonton for over 15 years. Edmonton is my home and I want to see it prosper. I am running for council because I believe that it’s time that we begin to recover from COVID-19 and it’s time that we look to the future not the past. We have the chance now to make the changes that this City so desperately needs. I have a vision that will set Edmonton on the track to focus on the future not the past. There’s a better way forward.

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Haruun J. Ali

2. James Cameron (☑): No information available yet. 
Contact James HERE.

3. Kirsten Goa (☑): "Kirsten Goa is our community voice! She has the vision and experience to make City Hall work better for all of us and understands the pressures and opportunities that our City and our communities are facing. Kirsten’s proven leadership is what we need to navigate this time of uncertainty and rapid change. For almost 20 years, Kirsten has worked with diverse communities to help shape City of Edmonton policies on issues as varied as housing, human rights, local food, land-use and public engagement. Recognizing the essential role that all sectors play in building our City, she has prioritized breaking down the silos and building relationships between citizens, non-profits, industry and government in order to create pragmatic and collaborative solutions for our most challenging issues."

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Kirsten Goa

4. Michael Janz (☑): "My name is Michael Janz. I want to be your voice at City Hall. Through smart urban planning focused on building happy and healthy communities and experienced leadership, we can build a more affordable city for all ages, wages, and stages. As we recover from the pandemic, we have an unprecedented opportunity to invest in strong core public services and build a city that prioritizes the wellbeing of people and the environment: a strong local economyjust and inclusive neighbourhoods, and urgent action on the climate emergency. Read more about my priorities for our city here. I bring over a decade of elected service as your public school trustee and I’ve served as a leader in the non-profit sector helping young people. See my neighbourhood endorsements, read my priorities, or provide your suggestions on how we can build better neighbourhoods and a better city for everyone. Many previous and current candidates may share these priorities or perspectives. What has been missing and will be critical is the political will, experience, and courage to turn them into action. Learn more about my experience and what sets me apart."

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Michael Janz

5. Tarcy Schindelka (☑): "I am happy to be a resident of one of the most vibrant cities in the world. From festivals to concerts to our river valley and parks system, I am proud to call Edmonton home. I am very much a family man, with a wife and two teenage daughters. We are also dog owners, one rescue and one Norwegian Elkhound adopted out of Manitoba. This city needs a solid plan for the future. From infill housing and the impact on neighbourhoods, to proper transit for the people who live there, we need to coordinate our efforts to ensure residents are getting proper value for their tax dollar, and services are at or above the expected levels." 

Here are 10 Questions for Tarcy!

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Tarcy Schindelka

6. Byron Vass (☑)"I was raised just north of Edmonton in the city of St. Albert. In 2003 I made the move to Edmonton which is when my love for this city really began. In my years as an Edmontonian I have lived in various communities ultimately leading to my current home in the community of Ritchie, where I own a house with my partner. Shortly after I made the move to Edmonton, I attended the University of Alberta where I obtained my B.A. in Economics with a minor in Political Science. While at the University I served on the executive board of Students International Health Association (SIHA), and sat on the board of directors for the Alberta Public Interest Research Group (APIRG). My time at university was when I started to become passionate about both the environment and municipal politics. I saw the changes that were possible with forward thinking local governments and the immediate impacts these changes can have on our lives and the planet. Since graduating I have worked in the environmental sector, where I have viewed first hand that proper planning and execution can achieve ambitious goals. I want to bring this foresight and positive attitude to public service and put an end to the divisiveness that plagues our current political landscape. Through collaboration with council and ensuring the voices of ward Papastew are heard and represented, we can ensure that tomorrow's problems are solved today.

Here are 10 Questions for Byron!

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Byron Vass

Candidates for Ward pihêsiwin 
(formerly Ward 9):

1. Guiscela Perez Arellano (☑): No information available yet. 

2. Tim Cartmell(☑)"Tim was first elected to Edmonton City Council in 2017. He is a Professional Engineer and small business owner. His business is about designing and managing building projects, including past projects like the Expo Center for Northands and three seniors lodges for the Greater Edmonton Foundation. Prior to serving in public office, Tim also worked for Alberta’s Treasury Board and Edmonton Catholic Schools. Giving back to the community has always been very important to Tim. He has over three decades of community volunteer experience, including various community league roles, coaching minor hockey, and various roles on discipline and practice standards committees with his professional association (APEGA). In 2013, he received the APEGA Summit Award for Community Service and in 2014, he was received the Engineers Canada Meritorious Service Award."

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Tim Cartmell

Candidates for Ward sipiwiyiniwak 
(formerly Ward 5):

1. Giselle General (☑): "Giselle General completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta School of Business and works in a non-profit that gives free legal help to people in poverty. She immigrated to Canada as an orphan from the Philippines and lived in west Edmonton since 2008. She is hands-on in helping the community be a better place through multiple causes.  Giselle served on the boards of the Rio Terrace Community League, Edmonton Transit Service Advisory Board, and Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues. She volunteers as a columnist for the Alberta Filipino Journal and a seamstress for Boomerang Bags YEG and Edmonton Scrub Bags for Healthcare Workers. She contributes to medical causes by regularly donating blood at Canadian Blood Services and her hair for Hair Massacure, an annual Edmonton fundraiser supporting children with cancer."

Here are 10 Questions for Giselle!

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Giselle General

2. Sarah Hamilton(☑)"Sarah Hamilton is proud to be City Councillor for Edmonton’s Ward 5. She currently sits on the Executive Committee and the Utility Committee, and serves as a council representative on both the Edmonton Police Commission and the River Valley Alliance. She is also an advisor on Council’s Indigenous People’s Strategy and the Arts, Heritage and Culture Initiative, and spearheaded the City’s Design Initiative to enhance the function and aesthetics of city spaces and maximize the value and impact of its infrastructure investments. Sarah grew up in west Edmonton and graduated from the University of Alberta. She went on to receive a Master of Arts Degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before returning home to Edmonton. Prior to becoming a City Councillor, Sarah worked as an adjunct professor of media and communications, a freelance journalist, and the owner and operator of a communications and public relations firm working with several non-profit businesses throughout Edmonton. She has also held various public service-oriented roles in provincial and municipal government."

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Sarah Hamilton

3. Derek Hlady (☑)"I'm Derek Hlady and I'm running for Edmonton City Council because I believe we can make Edmonton better for everyone. Edmonton is a wonderful city and a great place to call home. The diverse and friendly population is welcoming and inclusive, but for far too long we have accepted a city council that seems out of touch with the everyday citizen. We can do better! We can clean up the fiscal mismanagement and waste. We can deliver practical infrastructure projects on time and on budget. We can listen to the needs of ALL Edmontonians. We can put and end to the relentless tax hikes by cutting waste not servicesWe can make Edmonton an easier place to do businessWe can have better transportation solutionsWe can say NO to industrial development in our river valleyWe can grow a city that everyone wants to live in. I believe in this City and I want to be a part of the change! If you believe in this vision please sign up, volunteer and donate today. Together, let's make Edmonton better for Everyone!"

Here are 10 Questions for Derek!

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Derek Hlady

Candidates for Ward Sspomitapi
(formerly Ward 12):

1. Moe Banga* (☑): No information available yet.

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Moe Banga

2. Sanjay Malhotra (☑): No information available yet.

3. Rashpal Sehmby (☑)"In 1973 I immigrated to Canada, and like many Canadians, growing up meant moving around a bit. I spent my first years in Pine Point, N.W.T. My dad was a heavy-duty mechanic and helped us build our way to a better life in Canada. In 1987 our family packed up and moved to Edmonton. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this city. After a little bit of house hunting, my wife and I decided to put down roots in Daly Grove in 2004. We lucked out and found a great neighbourhood. Together, we’ve been raising our beautiful family here ever since. I’ve spent over 20 years working as a postal worker. I’ve done everything from walk a mail route as a letter carrier to driving truck and working as a postal clerk. For years, I spent every day walking our city streets, listening to conversations, and seeing firsthand many of the ground-level problems that city council seems to dance around. When I wasn’t working, I was volunteering my time to give back to our community. By being an active volunteer with the Edmonton foodbank and as a community organiser; I was able to contribute, in some small way, to our thriving community in South East Edmonton. I’m invested in this community and firmly believe that as this city grows, we can still have real conversations with the people we do and don’t agree with. I’m running to be your councillor for South East Edmonton, for what used to be Ward 12, and what’s currently known as Ward Sspomitapi (from the Blackfoot meaning “Star Person”). I believe that our proud corner of Edmonton deserves to have a voice at the table that listens to you, values public service, and remembers your values while representing you at city hall. South East Edmonton is a fantastic place. I built my family here. And together with your help, I’d like to make sure that many more families can have just as bright of a future in South East Edmonton." 

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Rashpal Sehmby

(formerly Ward 3):

1. Ahmed 'Knowmadic' Ali (☑): "Poet Laureate Ahmed Knowmadic Ali is a community organizer, public speaker, youth worker, poet and musician who has dedicated his time enabling and empowering diverse communities across the globe. Knowmadic is co-founder and was the artistic director of Edmonton’s only spoken word collective: Breath In Poetry. Knowmadic is passionate about the arts, education and emphasizes the importance of equitable representation on all levels of government."

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Ahmed 'Knowmadic' Ali

2. Cody Bondarchuk (☑)"Born and raised on the north side of Edmonton, Cody Bondarchuk (he/him) is an advocate, writer, and community leader. Cody is a former President of the Lorelei-Beaumaris Community League, where he led a significant overhaul of the league’s internal policies and bylaws, resulting in more effective operations. He also worked with stakeholders to advance issues related to traffic safety and community infrastructure. Cody holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Alberta. During his time in university, he managed the campus community safety program Safewalk from 2013 to 2015. In 2015, he was elected Vice President Operations and Finance of the Students’ Union, where he represented more than 30,000 students, oversaw eight food and retail businesses, and managed an $11 million operating budget. He also served one term on the University Senate. Cody is currently the Constituency Manager for a local MLA, where he addresses constituent concerns, assists residents in accessing government services, and works with communities to advance their priorities. He believes in the principles of progressive economics, solidarity with workers, and doing the right thing even when it’s difficult. Cody is running to be your representative on City Council."

Here are 10 Questions for Cody!

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Cody Bondarchuk

3. Jon Dziadyk(☑)"Jon Dziadyk (za-dyk) is committed to standing up for North Side communities, respecting the taxpayer, and encouraging civic engagement. He holds a Masters degree in urban planning, and is a new father. As a Councillor, he is the Vice Chair of both the Community and Public Services Committee and the Edmonton Salutes Committee. He is on four Council Initiatives: Literacy, Community Hubs, Edmonton in Bloom, and Northern Relations. For the COVID-19 recovery he was appointed to the special initiatives of Healthy City and Urban Place. Jon has been a tireless promoter of the North Side. He successfully advocated for the honorary name of Canadian Forces Trail to be applied to 97 Street, north of 137 Avenue. Annually, he hosts the Top of the City Soccer Festival in Castle Downs. Jon is also a member of the military reserve and still serves with the rank of Lieutenant (Navy). He is patriotic and enjoys serving Canada as well as Edmonton. He happily lives in Ward 3."

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Jon Dziadyk

4. Iannie Gerona (☑): "My name is Iannie Gerona (she/her); I am running for a seat on Edmonton City Council in the North Central ward known as tastawiyiniwak (ᑕᐢᑕᐃᐧᔨᓂᐊᐧᐠ).  As a Filipina-Canadian woman who immigrated to Canada with my family in 1999, I am incredibly privileged to call North Edmonton home since I was 10 years old. Growing up, I relied on using our city’s public transit wherever I needed to go; whether that was getting to St. Cecilia Junior High School, hanging out with friends at Londonderry Public Library or Northgate Mall. Using our biking paths to the River Valley or the tennis and basketball courts around the North Central. I have come to learn that we are part of an incredibly diverse and inclusive community. I am so proud to be a part of that and believe that City Hall should reflect the same. I love my community and want to give back to it in whatever way I can. North Edmonton has made me who I am today, and that’s why I’m running to represent it on October 18, 2021."

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Iannie Gerona

5. Zain Hafiz (☑): No information available yet. 

6. Karen Principe (☑): "Hi, I'm Karen Principe. I am running for city council in the 2021 Edmonton election. I live in tastawiyiniwak and I love the Northside. It is made up of hard working, caring, community-minded people. Choose a leader who will represent you with honesty, integrity and commitment." 

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Karen Principe

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