The House That Maisie Built!

A quarter million twinkling bulbs light up Edmonton's Christmas season every December at 'Maisie's Magical Christmas House'


EVERY holiday season Edmonton homes light up with Christmas glee. Some bare a strip of red or green lights across their eavesdrops. Others extend that single strip across the whole front frame of the house, and perhaps add an illuminated snowman or Santa Claus on the front lawn.

Making the rest of us look bad!
Then there's "Maisie's Magical Christmas House"!

Sticking out like a sore thumb on the corner of 97th Street & 144th Avenue (9619-144 Ave.), "Maisie's House" is like no other in the city, sparkling with gleaming light displays that could easily be spotted from an airplane miles above.

The front yard of the modest house is anything but modest, brimming with bells, candy canes, snowmen, and strings of multi-colour lights in the shape of Christmas trees. Reindeer stare up into the sky from the roof, windows are busied with neon, and the accompanying trees are drenched in snow and blinking beacons in holiday hues, all to the sounds of Yuletide carols.

Any and all are welcome to walk right up onto the home's front porch and take in the extravaganza free of cost, although a monetary or food donation will be gratefully accepted by the manor, on behalf of the Edmonton Food Bank.

The annual tradition was started back in 2004 by the late Maisie Dolynchuk, who passed away in September 2007, at the age of 82. Current homeowner Jerry Dolynchuk maintains the display in a joint venture with Marjorie Bencz, the Food Bank's executive director.

The $10,000 "house of lights" was officially christened "Maisie's Magical Christmas House" about a year after the cherished great-grandmother had succumb to complications from diabetes. "The house that Maisie loved so much will, at Christmas, become her legacy," reads the home page of the North End attraction's official website.

So Edmonton, stand up, step away from your computer and go warm up the car, and then head down to 97th St. & 144th Ave. to see it with your own eyes. And if you can, please bring a non-perishable food donation. The display runs right up until the first few days of January 2010.

Thanks Lisa for the hint. Thanks Maisie for your spirit!


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