Jeff Stuart & the Hearts In Concert

Local talent pick hometown Edmonton to reveal their new record for the first time...officially, that is!

What: Jeff Stuart & the Hearts CD Release Party
When: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 @ 8PM
Where: The Pawn Shop (10551-82 Ave./780-432-5058)

ALTHOUGH Jeff Stuart and his cabaret of alt-rock misfits have been making music together or on their own for years now, and even released an EP (Music from the Middle Drift) in 2004, Tuesday night marks the official launch of their first full-length album, Black Dogs Blue Giants.

Foundation Concerts is proud to present the CD release party at one of Edmonton's best small-concert music venues, The Pawn Shop, which will also host performances by the night's guest musicians Ayla Brooks and the Pale Moon Lights.

"Killer production, best execution of a set of players I've heard in a while, extra cool they're local," proclaimed SEE magazine's Fish Griwkowsky, who had a sneak peek of the songs months earlier. "Total win-win, taking the corpse of alt-country and turning it unrecognizably beautiful."

If you just can't wait until Tuesday (or Saturday the 14th in Calgary), then you can listen to the unsigned band's "The Wire" and "The Boss" tracks on their MySpace page, which also provides additional info on the band, as well as upcoming concerts.

Tickets for the event are $10 and are available at Blackbyrd Myoosic (10442-Whyte Ave.), Megatunes (10355-Whyte Ave.), Listen Records (10443-124 St.) and/or the Acoustic Music Shop (9934-Whyte Ave.), or are $15 at the door (if still available).

You can purchase the Black Dogs Blue Giants album at the show itself, or get it online at for $14.99 ($9.99 MP3). And by the way, Wednesday is a holiday (Remembrance Day), so drink up!


  1. I love theese guys song The Wire, my favorite one so far.


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