I Heart Edmonton Joins Facebook

"I Heart" has a heart-on for our new Facebook Page...come say hi!

"'I HEART Edmonton' is excited to finally join Facebook!" That was our first "status update" on our brand new Facebook Page, which was kicked off yesterday (Tuesday, Nov. 3). Less than a month after "I Heart" signed up for Twitter, we've now become a part of the world's largest social network, which has more than 300 million active users worldwide.

"I Heart" welcomes your feedback, ideas, comments, and even your pet peeves via Facebook, and we'll focus on sharing with you upcoming events in and around the Alberta capital, as well as photos and videos. Please check out the "I Heart Edmonton" Facebook Page the next time you sign on and click the "Join Group" tab to become a part of our team! Thank you Edmonton!

Emil Tiedemann,
"I Heart Edmonton"


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