Backstage With Franti

KNOW, I know, it's been two weeks (April 4) since John Mayer and opening act Michael Franti & Spearhead spoiled us in concert at Rexall Place, so why am I revisiting the Easter Sunday show now?

I'm glad you asked! It was only the other day that my good friend Misty reminded me to check out Franti's official website, where the California-born singer-songwriter likes to upload footage from his concerts.

The video clip below was shot backstage at Rexall that night, in which Franti briefly reminisced about the year he spent living in Edmonton, back in the '80s. In fact, joining him backstage was his grade 9 basketball coach, while his Nigerian drummer Manas Itene tries to spell out "Edmonton" and "Oilers" for the camera. He fails miserably.

Anyways, feel free to check out the clip for yourself, and then maybe head to his MySpace page to see the kinda talent Edmonton can and does harbour.

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