Local Art Showcase #2/ Lorna F. Kemp

"Fire!" by Lorna F. Kemp

ALSO known as hot wax paintings, encaustic artwork is created using heated beeswax and then adding colour pigments for effect. This ancient art form has been practiced since at least the first centuries of recorded time, and has witnessed a resurgence of interest in its method by the 1990s.

Below, I Heart Edmonton is proud to present one of locally-based artist Lorna F. Kemp's own encaustic paintings, "Fire!" Born in Norquay, Saskatchewan, Kemp trained in the arts in Seattle, Red Deer and at Edmonton's University of Alberta, and has since become "one of Canada's most up & coming encaustic painters and her work is well known internationally."

"The wax has a mind of its own, so although I guide it, it is always a pleasant surprise to see just what the end result is," stated Kemp, who is recognized most for her work in and around Edmonton. "When I am painting, I am lost in the world of my subject, and my troubles melt away."

In addition to participating as a member of the Edmonton Art Club (and is October's "Feature Artist"), Kemp belongs to the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove, the International Encaustic Artists, and the Night of Artists, and teaches workshops in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Kemp's work is currently on display at the Spruce Grove Art Gallery, and will be featured at the Misericordia Hospital this December and January, and then at the McMullan Gallery from January to March 2010.



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