Dead Centre of Town: Ghost Train

An alternative to Halloween pub crawls and house parties is waiting for you at The Iron Horse


What: "Dead Centre of Town: Ghost Town"
When: 9PM/ Thursday, October 29
Where: The Iron Horse (8101 Gateway Blvd.)

MORE than one hundred years ago, [the current Iron Horse] building used to be a train station, did you know that? Back for another night of gory good times, Catch the Keys Productions is proud to present the third annual "Dead Centre of Town: Ghost Train." Set in the city's first train station on the south side of the river, "Dead Centre of Town" is an interactive Halloween experience that digs up and dances with the dirty, dusty, sometimes still bloody bones of the sadly forgotten history of Edmonton.

Featuring the wicked talents of: Stuart Hoye, Adam Keefe, Christine Lesiak, Ryland Alexander, Vincent Forcier, Clarice Eckford, Kathryn Evans, John Evans, Paul Bezaire, Sheena Haug, Michael Caron, Matt Schuurman and Gabrielle Fitzgerald.

Tickets are $10 in advance at the Theatre Garage or available at the door.

See "Dead Centre of Town" AND "Gabbo" on October 31st at the Hilltop Pub (8220-106 Ave.) for a variety night of laughing good fun for a grand total of $12. Spend your Halloween with us, won't you?

Special thanks to: Theatre Garage, Gabbo, 12Strong, SurrealSoReal, October People Productions and Small Productions.

Please Note: "Dead Centre of Town" ain't for the faint of heart. Performances contain extreme violence, ghastly gore and unsettling themes, and are intended for an 18+ audience only. For more information call 780-994-7113 or email


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