Festival City Clip

YouTube video shows off Edmonton's most popular festivals


IT'S time to face facts, autumn has settled in and winter seems to be right around the corner, which means that Edmonton's world-renowned festival season has come to an end.

Sure, there are a handful of smaller fests going on as we speak or are coming up soon, but all the major ones have wrapped up for the year, including the Fringe, Folk Fest, Capital Ex, A Taste of Edmonton, Heritage Days and the Street Performers Festival.

In fact, it was earlier this month that the last of the big ones, the Edmonton International Film Festival, had ended its '09 season, which led us into the lesser-known DEDfest Horror Film Festival (Oct. 15-18) and the North of Nowhere Expo (Oct.16-31).

Although Edmontonians have bid farewell to one of the most prolific festival schedules in North America, we're a year-round festival city and it's only time that stands in the way for the next round of the big-name events that we've come accustomed to.

Below is a video, courtesy of YouTube, highlighting some of the better known events in Edmonton, known worldwide as "Festival City."

Here are some of the upcoming festivals in E-Town:

-North of Nowhere Expo (Oct. 16-31)
-Edmonton International Literary Festival (Oct. 21-25)
-Global Visions Film Festival (Nov. 5-8)
-Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival (Nov. 5-7)
-Winter Light Festival (Jan.6-Mar.13, 2010)


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