I Heart Edmonton Goes to the Movies

With the summer coming to an end, movies make a good night-out when the mercury drops, so we're here to guide you through the good, the bad and the ugly


As you may have noticed, I Heart Edmonton has recently taken it upon itself to review the latest movies, big or small. I know, exciting, right?! We posted the first review yesterday, after deciding that Quentin Tarantino's intriguing take on the Nazi-occupied France era, Inglourious Basterds, would be the premiere film for I Heart's "@ the Movies" segment. It was a great place to start, I must say. (For quick reference, check out the latest titles we've reviewed in the sidebar links titled "I Heart @ the Movies").

Now you might wonder what movies have to do with a site dedicated to the city of Edmonton, right? Well it's simple, really. Edmonton has plenty of movie theatres dispersed throughout the city, and in the winter season going to the movies is a perfect night out when it's 20 below, and we hope I Heart will serve as a guide for you and your movie-going escapades. Some indie movies don't even get to play in the surrounding towns and cities, so thus may be provincially exclusive to the capital region. Then there's the Edmonton International Film Festival and the Deadmonton Horror Film Festival* that hit up the city in the second half of each year, bringing locally-made movies to the forefront for, perhaps, the first and only time.

But there are conditions for a movie review to be posted on I Heart Edmonton. Well, one condition that it. I Heart will post a review only if the film was viewed here in Edmonton, no exceptions. Okay, there's exceptions...surrounding areas (such as St. Albert or Sherwood Park) are also eligible. So I hope my fellow Edmontonians will use I Heart as a guide for what's good and what's not at local movie theatres, because there are plenty more reviews coming. Feel free to leave comments of your own thoughts of the films we've seen, and you don't even have to keep it clean!

I Heart has gone with the classic 5-star rating system, because why not keep it simple? Below is the meaning behind each number, and you can go ahead and assume that when we rate a film with a .5--as in 2.5--it lies somewhere in between a 2 and 3.

0-Not even worth the words to trash it, so...
1-If you absolutely must, pick it outta the bargain bin
2-Don't waste your cash and just rent it instead
3-Not that bad, but not that good either
4-Worth the first view, and definitely a second!
5-Pawn off your dad's watch to see this movie

NOTE: A quick reference will appear in the sidebar (near the bottom) at all time, titled "Movie Ratings System."

*I Heart Edmonton is disheartened to announce that the annual Deadmonton Horror Film Festival is now "on a hiatus," as confirmed earlier this year by festival founder and head organizer Matt Acosta.



  1. Deadmonton and Matt Acosta might be on "hiatus" but Deadmonton presents DEDFEST horror film festival is quite alive and well brought to you by co-founders of Deadmonton Derek Clayton and Kevin Martin. It runs from Oct.15th to Oct.18th at the metro theater and works the same as last year. Great flicks, great shorts, and sweet grindhouse trailers. Visit the website and check out all titles and times. Tickets are going fast.. www.dedfest.com

  2. I went to last year's event and it was a blast, and I can't wait for the new DEDFEST...my buddies and I just got the tickets for Friday's show today. Cheers!


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