Messier Gives Thumbs Up to Arena

New website for proposed arena asked what the hockey legend thought about the ongoing debate

"IT'S obvious that it's time for a change." That's what former Edmonton Oiler Mark Messier had to say when he was asked his opinion on Edmonton's proposed downtown arena and entertainment complex. "I just can't see anybody not jumping on board and being a part of it for the benefit of the city itself."

It was less than a month ago that the (Daryl) Katz Group launched the official Edmonton Arena District website, focused on revitalizing the downtown region with this intriguing concept. Since then the EAD has uploaded various videos (including the Messier clip below) and welcomes public comments and discussions via the site.

"We believe in Edmonton. We believe in the promise of this city and its people," reads EAD's vision statement. "We see all the positive things happening downtown and want to be a part of it. And we believe that, together, we have the chance to do something extraordinary.

"Stay tuned. This is only the beginning."

Messier, who was born in the Edmonton area, played as part of the Oilers from the team's humble beginnings in 1979, until 1991. He helped win five Stanley Cup championships for the team before he was traded to the New York Rangers.

Watch the full 2-minute clip below, courtesy of, or check out their Facebook page for further discussion.


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