Old Ugly Presents...

Jaded Hipster Choir tape (yes, tape!) release concert

What: Tape release concert/party
When: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 (8:45PM)
Where: Likwid Lounge (10081-Jasper Ave./ 780-429-2582)

GOT plans for next Wednesday evening (May 26)? Well, if you do I say you cancel them and head out to the downtown Likwid Lounge instead, where the Jaded Hipster Choir is launching their synth pop cassette (remember those?!), I Will Not Sing Your Praises Here.

The tape is yours free when you ante up the $10 cover at the doors of the Lounge, which will also host performances by Methadone, Philip Dickau, and Old Ugly Recording Company head honcho The Joe.

"Tonight, we're taking the name 'Synth Pop', and we're doing it for all the right reasons, for all the grinding melodic fankensteins who couldn't help but be the way they are." The show's promoters continue: "Tonight, we exalt the creak ensconsed looping pedals and the moaning crystalline keyboards to a strata of musical society akin to folk or pop or rap or any of the other main arteries of sound."

Intrigued yet?!

The night also promises "inexpensive, but delectable beers," so if you're under 18, please wait outside the doors until your of-age friends come back for you!

For more information on the show check out the event's Facebook page.


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