Reason #56 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

Whitemud Equine Learning Centre

By Emil Tiedemann

I remember when I first drove down Fox Drive and noticed horses galloping along this long white and green rail fence just meters away from the street. Am I seeing this right?! Were there actually horses right in the middle of the city, home in the river valley, speeding across a meadow just off the North Saskatchewan and the Trans Canada Trail? 

I think I smiled the whole rest of my drive home, in awe. How had I not heard of his place?! I turned to Google to make sure I hadn’t imagined the whole thing. 

The Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association is a public pastoral horse farm “open to anyone with an interest in horses,” and in fact offers equine sports and activities for thousands of all-ages Edmontonians every year. 

Run mostly by volunteers, the Centre dedicates itself to improving the quality of living for locals through their world-class centre for equine learning, research, and therapy. And it’s been that way for a century now, since Dr. Frederick Keillor (1883-1971) first bought the original 61-acre piece of land and started up his own farm back in the early 1920s. 

It quickly became a favourite recreational destination for locals, a tradition that lingers nearly 100 years later. #yegequine


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