Reason #48 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

The Blatchford Project

By Emil Tiedemann

Blatchford is not a business as usual development,” the City said about this revolutionary project. “It’s a new way to design a community. A new way to approach sustainability. A new way to live.” The Blatchford project will epically transform 536 acres of prime land right in the middle of the city, from the old City Centre Airport into a family-oriented, all-inclusive, sustainable community, and a home for up to 30,000 Edmontonians. 
A view of what the Blatchford Project could look like.

This “pop-up” neighbourhood will rely on 100% renewable energy and will proudly boast about how it will be a carbon neutral zone, leaving a small ecological footprint on land that once belonged to small aircraft since 1929 until the airport was finally shut down entirely on November 30, 2013. 

Blatchford is expected to include two large stormwater lakes with a boardwalk and natural landscaping, housing for students, urbanites, and families (20% of which will be affordable housing), and even a “town centre” with office and retail space, as well as transit and two LRT stations. It will include community garden plots, a large central park, and plenty of open space, as well as streets and pathways for walking and cycling, empowering residents to “pursue a range of sustainable lifestyle choices.” 

The Blatchford project - which was put on pause for a year near the beginning of 2016 - will take many years to complete, but that’s okay! It’s a giant leap in the right direction for a city that prides itself on its environmental and social legacy, rightfully representing what we want for the future generations that will call Edmonton home. #yegblatchford


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