Reason #53 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'


By Emil Tiedemann

What was it when you were growing up that got you excited like that kid - my nephew - in the photo below? Was it opening presents on Christmas morning? Could it have been your birthday or Halloween, maybe? Perhaps it was standing in line for the latest iPhone! For me, it was Klondike Days

K-Days 2017 will take place July 21 - 30 @ Northlands!

It was the thundering carnival rides, the endless carts of colourful sodas and sugary treats, the shooting and tossing games at every turn, with prizes that always seemed easier to win than they actually were! 

What more could a kid ask for, right?! And although the name has changed - a couple of times, actually - the excitement has not gone away. Kids, teens, adults, whole families look forward to those ten days at the end of July when K-Days takes over Northlands, and has been - for the most part - since 1879. 

Who doesn't love "those little donuts"?!

Back then, on October 13, about 500 people attended the first-ever fair in the original Fort Edmonton region, which included local livestock, veggies, grains, and crafts. Although the locations changed and the crowds grew, the essence of K-Days remained, as a community celebration where people of all ages could come out to enjoy the food, the fun, and the fantasy. 

These days, about 750,000-800,000 people attend K-Days every July, making it Edmonton’s most popular annual event. The Midway has grown along with Edmonton, with a main stage for international musicians and bands, a beer gardens for the 18+, plenty of high tech rides and games, unique and savoury foods from around the world, and of course, fireworks every single night! Oh, and how could we forget about those little donuts! #kdays


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