Reason #47 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

104th Street

By Emil Tiedemann

Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona has always been that street where locals and tourists head to for a day of shopping and brunch, or a night of beers and dancing, but there’s another strip here in Edmonton that’s enticing and pulling in some of Strathcona’s clientele. It’s 104th Street in the downtown, in between Jasper and 104th Avenues, leading right into Ice District and its Rogers Place
People enjoying the fresh food, live music, and hot sun at the City Market along 104th Street.

Over the last five or six years, the area has become home to towering condo developments, streetscaping and restorations, and a surge of complimentary urbane business owners, like TZiN Wine & Tapas, Evoolution, Kelly’s Pub, Credo Coffee, Jacek Chocolate Couture, The Cavern, Workhall Boutique, Blue Plate Diner, and at the very tip, along Jasper, Corso32

If you happen to drop in on the weekend, there’s the City Market Downtown (which moves indoors to City Hall from October to May), an outdoor farmers’ market with fresh eats, local crafts, food trucks, and live entertainment. Then you’re going to want to head north until you see the light...the neon lights, that is. 

The eye-catching Neon Sign Museum lights up the corner of 104th & 104th, beckoning you to the adjacent century-old Mercer Building and its residents, like Mexican rotisserie restaurant Rostizado, the rustic-chic Mercer Tavern, and Startup Edmonton, a community space for entrepreneurs and techies to connect. I do have one warning for newcomers, however: you might not want to leave! #yeg104


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