Reason #29 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

Muttart Conservatory

By Emil Tiedemann

Every major metro across the globe has those glossy postcards featuring familiar monuments and landscapes for tourists to pick up in gift shops before they head back home. A common landmark you’ll likely notice on our postcards is the glass pyramids situated in Edmonton’s scenic river valley,
the Muttart Conservatory

These city-operated botanical gardens are a defining edifice of our sprouting skyline, a tangible representation of our city’s sustainability and ecological preservation. The Muttart is made up of three distinctive biomes displaying year-round Temperate, Arid, and Tropical plant-life from all corners of the world, as well as a fourth biome featuring seasonal displays. 
The Muttart at night. Photo by Jeff Wallace.

Designed by award-winning UK-born architect Peter Hemingway, the Muttart is also an accredited museum and features fine art showcases, music and dance performances, and handcrafting programs focused around integrating art and nature. 

It officially opened its doors in September 1976, thanks to a donation from the Gladys and Merrill Muttart Foundation, and grants from the City of Edmonton and Province of Alberta, and it remains one of the more popular attractions for visitors to town throughout the year. 

The Muttart is also a favourite for locals as a wedding destination or field trip for students, and even for local foodies who are on the prowl for freshly-brewed coffee and cafe fare made with ingredients right out of the attached greenhouses. 

Oh, and there’s even a gift shop with nic nac’s, souvenirs, and those glossy postcards featuring sunny shots of Edmonton’s river valley and those picturesque pyramids. #yegmuttart


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