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Mayor Don Iveson

By Emil Tiedemann

“We are the most underestimated city in the country,” City Councillor Don Iveson told me in a 2009 interview, four years before he became the 35th Mayor of Edmonton. He was right back then, but by now I’m pretty sure that the rest of the country has finally realized Edmonton’s new reality. 

Iveson brought a new level of excitement and enthusiasm for Edmonton’s near future, despite his initial opposition to what has since become known as Ice District. At 34, he was the third youngest mayor in the City’s history, and he had something that was crucial to those who voted him in in 2013. He had optimism and a strong and buoyant vision. He was realistic, but hopeful; serious, but approachable; young, but confident. It also didn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes! 
Mayor Don Iveson and his wife Sarah Chan at the Edmonton Pride Parade on Jasper Avenue.

Mayor Iveson has never had a difficult time letting people know just how he feels about a particular subject, and whether or not you agree with him, you can see his point. Most importantly, Iveson - who was actually born in St. Albert - loves and cares about Edmonton, and there’s no denying that his passion for the city is 100% authentic! 

Iveson grew up in the Parkallen neighbourhood of Edmonton, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Alberta, where he was managing editor for the school’s newspaper The Gateway. His mother Margaret also happened to be an education professor at the UofA. 
The 6'4" Mayor Don Iveson.

He sought political office in the 2007 municipal election, running for City Councillor for Ward 5. He won, and quickly went to work on local environmental and transit issues. In October 2013, he won the race for Mayor of Edmonton, backed by the support of his predecessor Stephen Mandel

Iveson is married to music teacher and fellow Edmonton advocate Sarah Chan, and they have two children together, Dexter and Alice. In his spare time, Iveson is an avid sailor, adores Star Trek and Arcade Fire, and has a healthy obsession with Lego. Oh, and at 6 feet, 4 inches, he’s gotta be the tallest guy in City Hall! #doniveson


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