Reason #30 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

Northern Jubilee Auditorium

By Emil Tiedemann

On May 4, 1954, Premier Ernest Manning announced that “identical” arts facilities would be built in Edmonton and Calgary as a gift from the provincial government to the people of Alberta as a way to celebrate the province’s 50th anniversary. 

The mandate for the Northern & Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditoriums was to provide a place of celebration for community spirit and cultural enrichment. Known simply as “the Jube,” construction on the buildings began in 1955, and opened its doors to the public for the first time on April 28, 1957 (in both cities). 

By September of 1963, the Jube was home to the Edmonton Opera, which premiered there with Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. Three years later, in 1966, the Alberta Ballet also took up residence at the Jube, which was located just off the University of Alberta grounds. 

There have been countless stage productions performed at the Jube over the years, as well as concerts from international musicians like Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Tom Jones, and of course, Procal Harum! #yegjube


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