Fringe Binge!

Fringe addicts rejoice, as your favourite time of the year has finally arrived

ATTENDING the Folk Fest, A Taste of Edmonton, Capital Ex, or most other Edmonton festivals is always up in the air. But when it comes to our world-class Fringe fest, there's no question. I'm there!

So imagine my glee that the countdown has finally come to an end. That's right, the 29th annual Edmonton International Theatre Fringe Festival--the largest and oldest on the continent!--is upon us, running from Thursday (August 12) until Sunday the 22nd. This year's theme is "We'll Show You Ours."

More than 500 artists from around the globe descend on our turf to put in over 1,000 performances during the 11-day extravaganza. And it kicks off with the "Performer's Parade" tomorrow night (Aug. 12) at 7:30PM.

This weekend I'll be heading out to at least 8 shows, and don't plan on stopping there, so put off everything else in your life right now and stay tuned to I Heart Edmonton! Or, go on with your daily lives and maybe stop in from time to time. Either/or.

Happy Fringing, Edmonton! See you there.

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