Review/ The Sicilian Wife

Award-winning author Caterina Edwards centers her latest mystery novel around a Mafia princess who moves to Canada to escape her family ties

The Sicilian Wife is the latest novel by English-born, Edmonton-based writer Caterina Edwards. It is part of the literary noir genre, as well as being a work of mystery.

To summarize the story, Fulvia is a Mafia Princess who escapes the shackles of being the dutiful daughter of her controlling family. Despite her new life in Canada, her husband is murdered on the Sicilian coast. Marisa is the chief of police investigating the case, who constantly has to deal with a station house of men constantly doubting her. She eventually confronts Fulvia's uncle, a tough Mafia boss. 

Featuring two strong women main characters, the story jumps back and forth between locations (Italy and Canada) and time periods. Edwards weaves recent Italian history with Edmonton locations, folk takes and classical references with the style and structure of a detective novel. The end result is a complicated tale of family loyalty, independence, and ultimately justice with some surprising twists and excellent character development. 

The recipient of numerous awards and accolades for her work, Edwards was most recently inducted into the Salute to Excellence Hall of Fame for Arts and Culture.


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