Edmonton's Muttart Conservatory

Taking the 'Journey to Middle Earth' at Edmonton's iconic Muttart Conservatory

by emil tiedemann

ONE of Edmonton's most defining structures is the collective of the Muttart Conservatory, those five glass pyramids that highlight the city's pristine river valley. They've become a part of our local culture, an identifier for Canadians who aren't from here. 

The Muttart underwent a $6.3 million renovation that was completed in 2009

And that's why I'm all the more embarrassed that it took me this long to actually see inside this local landmark, situated along the North Saskatchewan since 1976. But let's just keep that between us, shall we!

The Muttart is a botanical garden operated by the City of Edmonton, and includes three greenhouses, public gardens, and those four famous pyramids, three of which are permanent biomes (tropical, temperate, and arid regions), while the other is a rotating display of plant species. 

Designed by the late architect Peter Hemingway, the Muttart is home to both common and exotic plant life from around the world, including hibiscus, pampas grass, cactus, palms, eucalyptus, white water lilies, agave, and the elephant foot tree.

This season's feature pyramid houses 'Journey to Middle Earth,' which gives us a glimpse of what it would be like to live as a Hobbit! Expect to see part of the Shire, Smaug the Dragon and more!

It's easy to make an afternoon out of the Muttart, which also includes a gift shop, inside lobby, outside patio, and the acclaimed Culina Muttart Cafe, offering fresh comfort food featuring some ingredients grown in-house, as well as a selection of wine and craft beers! 

You can also take in educational programs and camps, or one of their unique events, or book the venue for a private function. Parking is free.

For admission prices and operating hours, click HERE!
A view of the downtown from above ground at the Muttart


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