rEview/ Those Who Dare to Dream

Local author Leif Gregersen brings us back to the brutalities of WWII in his coming of age novel Those Who Dare to Dream

by paula e. kirman

Those Who Dare to Dream
WRITER Leif Gregersen is as versatile as he is prolific. His self-published volumes include memoirs, short stories, and poetry. Those Who Dare to Dream is his first novel for mature young adult readers. 

Those Who Dare to Dream tells the story of Matthew, a young soldier in World War II. He is from a small mining town in Alberta and he and his brother decide to volunteer for the war. Matthew's journey includes survival, love, loss, and the coming of age that results. 

The story is very fast-paced, almost seeming rushed at times, and at other times is rather brutal. Matthew ends up in a prisoner of war camp and has to exhibit maturity beyond his years in order to save his life (and others') and get home.

Although the main character is at the latter end of his teen years, I would hesitate to classify this novel as specifically for young adults. Some of the subject matter is rather disturbing (it is set during a war, after all), and I found Gregersen's writing style to be similar as in some of his adult fiction. This is not a criticism; merely an observation.

Those Who Dare to Dream should appeal to people who enjoy historical fiction and want a fast read that is full of intensity.

You can also follow Gregersen on Twitter and YouTube, or find out more about his other books HERE
Author Leif Gregersen at a local book sale


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