Once Upon a Time in Graceland

It'll take only the sounds of Elvis himself to break an evil curse bestowed upon the entire Enchanted Forest in Jubilations' latest musical production

by emil tiedemann

ONCE again, Jubilations Dinner Theatre in West Edmonton Mall has outdone themselves! Their production of Once Upon a Time in Graceland is nothing short of the optimal night out for anyone who likes good music, impressive performances, and delicious food!
Once Upon a Time in Graceland runs at Jubilations from June 19 - August 23

"When I first spoke to our writer Joseph Davies about this project," wrote director Randy Apostle, "all I had was this title and the idea of spoofing a popular fantasy TV show."

From there the story magically came together, exploring a fairytale land where the likes of Snow White, Prince Charming, and a group of aptly-named dwarfs must lure the sounds of the "King" - one Elvis Presley - to lift a curse cast upon them from the Evil Queen.
Elvis Presley, the "King of Rock 'n' Roll"

Unlike the scripts of any of the dozens of motion pictures Presley starred in over his career, Once Upon a Time in Graceland is a unique and hilarious fusion of some of the most beloved fables from our childhoods and the timeless songs that continue to iconolize Elvis, nearly four decades after his death.

Whether they're dancing to the rhythms of "Jailhouse Rock" & "(You're the) Devil in Disguise" or crooning to ballads like "Are You Lonesome Tonight" & "Can't Help Falling in Love," Jubilations' lengthy cast of exceedingly talented performers will have you tapping your feet and singing along to lyrics that helped define rock 'n' roll. 
Snow White (Swayze) & The Evil Queen (Chemerika)

"Bringing together the music of Elvis and the magical characters of the Enchanted Forest may seem like a challenge, but they have more in common than one might think," stated writer Davies. "Music is the magic that takes us to other worlds. It makes us celebrate, it inspires us, it gives us courage, and makes declarations of love." 

Bring your spouse, your sibling, your friends, your co-workers...anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind night out, and experience the harmony of Graceland and the Enchanted Forest without ever leaving your seat! 

Once Upon a Time in Graceland is playing at the Jubilations Dinner Theatre from now until August 23! Click HERE for ticket information. 
The Evil Queen with Prince Charming (Parsons-Lozinski)

Who's Who?!

- Brandi Chemerika is The Evil Queen & Regina
- Kara Swayze is Snow White
- Zachary Parsons-Lozinski is Prince Charming
- Tom Edwards is Elvis Presley, Henry & King Creole
- Kharytia Bilash is Granny, The Ice Queen, Belle & Stupid the Dwarf
- Renell Doneza is Mr. Gold, Rumplestiltskin & Angry the Dwarf


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