Oh Boy, Buddy Holly!

Jubilations gives new meaning to 'a dinner & a show' with this comical musical centered around the timeless tunes of Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers!


In his signature hit "American Pie," Don McLean sings about "the day the music died." He was, of course, referring to the 1959 plane crash that killed Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper and a 22-year-old Buddy Holly. And although Holly's life ended far too soon that day, his music and legacy refuses to fade away.

'Oh Boy, Buddy Holly' runs until April 12th!

Jubilations Dinner Theatre's production of 'Oh Boy, Buddy Holly!' reminds mature audiences of Holly's enduring influence, and introduces newer generations to the music that has inspired everyone from Bob Dylan to The Beatles, and indirectly countless other musicians around the world.

Scripted by Mat Andre and the show's director Randy Apostle, 'Oh Boy' breathes fresh life into not just Holly's catalogue of classics, but also sheds new light on the songs of other '50s and '60s musical icons, like The Everly Brothers and Patti Page.

The musical begins in the hallways of a fictional Shallow Water High in small town Alberta, where students are simultaneously organizing the upcoming grad celebration and trying to come up with a way to get the one-and-only Buddy Holly to come to their school to help them keep it from being closed down due to low attendance.

Buddy Holly was just 22 when he was killed in a plane crash on February 3, 1959.

The charming cast - some of which included brave members of the audience - was flawless in their song and dance, blending together a trio of stories that unite for its lively finale. Along the way actors pay unexpected homage to The Trailer Park Boys, namely a dead-on parody of the beloved Bubbles! That in itself is reason enough to recommend the show to a friend!

But it doesn't end there, no! The in-character servers, dressed in outfits from times past, brought a better-than-I-expected four-course meal right to our tables in between the three-act show. What more can you ask for?!

This was my first time at the Jubilations Dinner Theatre - located on the second level of West Edmonton Mall, near the casino - but if 'Oh Boy, Buddy Holly!' is a typical production, there's no doubt it won't be my last!

The show runs until April 12, and tickets are available HERE!


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