Northern Lands Festival 2015

Looking for that next lost weekend?! Northern Lands invites you to taste some of the finest wines, craft beers and foods from across Canada!


When you think about wine regions you think about France, Italy, Spain, or perhaps California, right?

Northern Lands is Friday, March 27 & Saturday, March 28 at the Shaw!

Most people most likely do, but most true enthusiasts know better. Plenty of vino fanatics are aware that there are plenty of regions around the world that produce world class wine, including right here in climate-crazy Canada!

Over the last few decades, Canadian wine has transformed from a mere curiosity into what some would classify a healthy addiction!

Us Canucks no longer have to scour the European or South American aisles of our local wine shops! Nope, now we can grab a bottle (or six) of wine produced anywhere from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia, and plenty of spots in between!

And to celebrate our ever-expanding daily ritual of sipping on reds and whites, the Shaw Conference Centre (9797 Jasper Avenue) is hosting the Northern Lands Festival today and tomorrow (Saturday, March 28)!
This unique festival is not just for vino fiends though, no! There will be craft beer producers and distillers, and dishes from some of the finest chefs in the country, in addition to the nearly 50 different varieties of wineries.

Some of the proceeds from this two-day event will go to benefit the High School Culinary Challenge and the Edmonton Community Foundation Grateful Palate Fund.

For more information please visit the Northern Lands website. You can purchase tickets HERE!


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