E/view: kissing keeps us afloat

#yeg alumni Laurie MacFayden explores virtually all aspects of daily life in her sophomore anthology of poetry

 Kissing keeps us afloat is the second collection of poetry from Edmonton writer Laurie MacFayden. With subtle shades of humour, vivid imagery, and often playful language, MacFayden explores themes of love, sexuality, growing up, broken hearts, and life in general. Many of the poems have a very personal feel to them, but are written with universal resonance. 

Laurie MacFayden's 'kisses keep us afloat'

MacFayden uses a variety of poetic forms. Rhyme, rhythms, line lengths, and stanza structures are interchanged between poems almost seamlessly. Divided into three sections (“tides,” “echoes,” and “graces”), I came away from kissing keeps us afloat believing I knew more about MacFayden as a writer and person – and more about myself, as I laughed along with playful descriptions of love, empathized with the messiness of failing romance, and nodded in recognition with not fitting the expectations of others. 

Like her previous collection White Shirt (also published by Frontenac), the front cover features an original piece of art by MacFayden, who is also a painter. kissing keeps us afloat is a substantial volume of contemporary poetry that is accessible in its language and subject matter.


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