E/view: Blind Spot

If Holden Caulfield was a 30-something Canuck in the 21st century, he may very well be the embodiment of newcomer Laurence Miall's Blind Spot debut


LUKE has failed to make it as an actor in Vancouver. He's alienated his own family, and seems to be going through the motions of a relationship with his girlfriend. He's lost and only begins to examine just how lost he's become when his parents are suddenly killed in a car accident back home. 

Laurence Miall's 'Blind Spot'

When he returns to his hometown Edmonton, Luke sees his current state from a whole new perspective, almost like he's outside looking in, at just how distant he's become from the life he had left behind when he up and left for the west coast years ago. But this is his chance to start over, to reunite with a past life he'd all but abandoned. 

Edmonton-born, Montreal-based Laurence Miall gets everything right with his premiere novel, Blind Spot, which is set almost entirely in Edmonton. Miall proves that he does not need to uproot and base his story in some more familiar town, like New York or L.A., a route more and more local writers have braved. 

His story can hold its own in any locale, and his ability to hold one's attention is what will elevate his reputation as one of Edmonton's most sought-after writers, in the company of the likes of Todd Babiak and Lynn Coady

Miall's debut novel, Blind Spot, can be found at Audrey's Books in downtown Edmonton, or online by visiting Miall's own website or at NeWest Press. Do yourself a favour and pick it up!


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