Reason #97 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

Morning Radio

By Emil Tiedemann

If you’re one of the lucky ones who get up in the morning and can’t wait to get to work, then good for you!! Sorry, I haven’t had my coffee yet. But, if you’re like the majority of us - who either dread that spirit-crushing alarm clock or would rather be doing anything else other than getting up before humans were ever meant to and then heading to a job that offers little to no stimulus - then coffee isn’t the only thing you will probably need to get you through the weekday mornings. 
630 CHED's Ryan Jespersen (photo by Aaron Pedersen).

I kid, I kid! Although it doesn’t actually solve any of our problems of having to work for a living, those voices we hear coming from the local radio stations seem to make our starts to the day a little more bearable. 

Most of my mornings begin with Crash & Mars of 102.3 NOW! Radio, who have the illustrious ability to make me laugh out loud when I’m alone in my vehicle no matter how little sleep I managed the night before. They also happen to be the reigning “Best Radio Morning Team,” according to VUE Weekly’s annual “Best of Edmonton” readers’ poll. 

Some mornings, though, I will switch over to Ryder & co. at Hot 107, where they tend to leave little to the imagination. Then there’s The Garner Andrews Show on Sonic 102.9, which has become a staple of our morning commute ever since this former Moose Javian helped launch Edmonton’s alternative music station back in 2005. 
NOW! Radio's Crash & Mars!

But, as soon as I get into work, the dial moves over to AM and 630 CHED’s The Ryan Jespersen Show, one of the most listened-to radio programs in the province. Jespersen, the former host of the now-defunct Breakfast Television, provides informative, balanced, and sometimes provocative coverage and analysis of a wide range of topics concerning Edmontonians and folks across Alberta. 

Despite the fact that he was raised in Calgary, Jespersen is that voice of reason on the radio, and someone who refuses to be anyone other than himself, an ever-elusive attribute in an industry famous for phonies. These are some of the people who help myself and countless other Edmontonians get through those early morning shifts, with their anecdotal humour, frivolous banter, and even analeptic conversations with everyday people like you and I. #yegradio


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