Reason #92 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

McCauley Neighbourhood

By Emil Tiedemann

When the City initiated their revitalization plans for the inner city McCauley neighbourhood, area residents were excited and perhaps a bit relieved. Dozens of homes and businesses were built soon after kickoff, while the City poured millions into streetscaping, infrastructure renewal, and investment in a district with somewhat of a rough reputation. 
The McCauley neighbourhood is well-known for its churches, including the St. Josaphat Cathedral.

Named after Edmonton’s first mayor Matthew McCauley (1850-1930), the neighbourhood is now a vibrant and ethnically diverse region, full of restaurants and cafes dedicated to dishes from around the world, mostly located in and around the “Little Italy” core. 

The whole of it seems to be anchored by the bustling Italian Centre Shop on 108th & 95th Street. This European-inspired marketplace first opened in 1959 when Italian immigrant Frank Spinelli pooled his savings with partner Remiro Zalunardo to buy the original building that still stands today. Hundreds of locals walk, bike, or drive down to the Shop for fresh meats, cheese, antipasti, produce, and coffee every day of the week. 
Chinatown in Edmonton.

A block away from there is Church Street, one of Edmonton’s most charming nooks, where over a dozen neighbourhood congregations take up residence. Toss in Chinatown, Giovanni Caboto Park, Heart of the City and East Meets West Festivals, LRT Free Wall, Living Garden Installation, McCauley Community Rink, Ben Calf Robe Pow Wow, and the Native Friendship Garden, and you’ve got yourself one of Edmonton’s most ideal & culturally-diverse communities. #mccauleyyeg


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