Reason #26 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

The Writers

By Emil Tiedemann

So many talented storytellers with so many enticing stories to tell! We love our homegrown wordsmiths and can’t help bragging about them! In fact, if you've got some time on your hands and are looking for some good reads, then check out any of these Edmonton-born-and/or-raised writers: 

Nasra Adem, Bert Almon, Wayne Arthurson, Todd Babiak, Jalal Barzanji, David Belke, Eileen (E.C.) Bell, Ted Bishop, E.D. Blodgett, Tim Bowling, Andrew Brook, Marty Chan, Daisy Chang, Myrl Coulter, Charlotte Cranston, Diana Davidson, Laurel Deedrick-Mayne, Candas Jane Dorsey, Caterina Edwards, Marina Endicott, Minister Faust, Rita Feuti, Helen Forrester, Brad Fraser, Gary Garrison, Pauline Gedge, Martyn Godfrey, Katherine Govier, Darrin Hagen, Greg Hollingshead, Carl HonorĂ©, D.C. Hooke, Mel Hurtig, Phillip Jagger, Zillur Rahman John, W.P. Kinsella, Jessica Kluthe, Myrna Kostash, Robert Kroetsch, Stewart Lemoine, Janice MacDonald, Laurie MacFayden, Alice Major, Conni Massing, Wendy McGrath, Laurence Miall, Emily “Janey Canuck” Murphy, Jason Lee Norman, Kelly Oxford, Rhonda Parrish, Robert Young Pelton, Mary Pinkoski, Pierrette Requier, H.M. Shander, Theresa Shea, Gail Sidonie Sobat, Sean Stewart, Cam Tait, Timothy Taylor, Vern Thiessen, Thomas Wharton, Rudy Wiebe, Christine Wiesenthal, S.G. Wong, Darla Woodley, Shayne Woodsmith, etc. #yegwrites


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