Shaw Introduces BlueSky TV!

Staying connected has never been easier: Shaw WideOpen Internet 150 and Shaw Go WiFi gives Edmontonians access to fast Internet nearly anywhere 

By Emil Tiedemann

A few years ago, I was a student who spent a lot of time studying and doing homework in various locations around the city. A solid Internet connection was something I was privileged with at home, but the kind of connection I’d have with the free WiFi in cafes, libraries, or other places where I would try and get work done was always a mystery. I needed a strong, reliable network to connect to across Edmonton—I wish I had known about Shaw Go WiFi back then.

If you’re living the student life or spending a lot of time working away from the office or home, then you're going to want to pay attention. Shaw WideOpen Internet 150 gives its subscribers the ability to connect to the Internet and access their favourite content while on the go, in addition to top-tier, traffic-free download speeds at home on Shaw’s 99.8% congestion-free network.

 With more than 80,000 hotspots across Western Canada, Shaw provides the country's largest WiFi network, keeping you connected whenever, wherever. And best of all, you can save on cellular data every month by using Shaw Go WiFi.

To get started, I recommend you download the Shaw Go WiFi Finder app, which gives users directions to the thousands of hotspots in and around the city. Once you log into Shaw Go WiFi with your device, it will automatically connect every time you enter a hotspot.

Anyone who signs up for a Shaw Internet plan has access to the Shaw Go WiFi service. Shaw WideOpen Internet 150 is by far the best option for most people, with 150 Mbps download speed, 15 Mbps upload speed, 1 TB of data per month, and an Advanced WiFi modem rental for as low as $49.90 per month for the first 12 months on a two-year ValuePlan. If you’re looking for an Internet and TV package, Shaw’s new voice-controlled BlueSky TV product can be paired with WideOpen Internet 150 for as low as $79.90 per month for the first 12 months, also on a two-year ValuePlan.

For anyone that needs to stay connected at home and on-the-go, the combination of Shaw WideOpen Internet 150 and Shaw Go WiFi is the best way to keep you connected across Edmonton.

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