Reason #19 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

#YEG Online Community

by emil tiedemann

SOCIAL media has forever changed our World Wide Web. It’s changed why we go online, when and where we go online, and even who goes online, and there’s no going back now! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, blogs, podcasts, and the many other virtual social hubs have become a part of most people’s daily - and in some cases, hourly - lives. 

How often have you seen someone glued to their smartphone or tablet on a bus or at your dinner table, or even walking down a busy street?! Some would argue that social media has turned civilization into that zombie apocalypse the movies and TV shows kept warning us about. The lack of manners and conversation is a common modern day pet peeve that is only getting worse as the generation born connected grows up. 
Some of the most respected and well-known influencers in Edmonton's social media.

Zombies aside, social media isn’t all that bad. Folks use it to reach out and engage, to spread important messages and share images, and to communicate with family and friends halfway around the world. Others, however, use it to show everyone what they’re about to eat for lunch on a daily basis or notify us when they’re at the gym by snapping a #workoutselfie! Some people just do not have filters (other than the ones on their Instagram shots). 

Anyways, Canadians are some of the most active amongst social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and Edmontonians in particular have become Twitter fiends, even trending the #yeg hashtag nationwide at times. For those who haven’t Googled it yet, YEG is Edmonton’s airport code, and has been an online term we’ve proudly adopted and wholly embraced. 

But what I’ve noticed since I joined the Twittersphere is that Edmonton’s Tweeters & Instagramers & bloggers are overwhelmingly positive and supportive of each other, by offering their advice and assistance, or sharing each other’s photos, events, and achievements with their own followers. Just don’t get them started on religion, politics, or #yegtraffic! 
Edmontonians are extremely supportive of each other on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

I know that this behavior is clearly not limited to Edmonton, but the fact that I and so many others I’ve talked to can recognize these positive forums and supportive threads proves that Edmonton has a strong and vigilant online community that is not going to tolerate hate, bullying, or any sort of negative commentary...unless granted, of course (i.e. Trump). 

To recognize the ever-growing online world of bloggers, podcasters, and social media voices, a group of passionate locals got together to form the Yeggies, an awards ceremony that highlights the best in everything from Edmonton’s food & fashion blogs to political & current affairs YouTubers. They recognize those who use these digital platforms to “inspire, evoke, inform, educate and entertain us.” 

I started blogging about Edmonton back in July 2009, and there has been nothing but positive feedback and unsolicited support, and that’s carried on to my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too. And I’ll continue praising my fellow #yeggers for as long as I am a part of Edmonton’s encouraging online community. #yegmedia


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