E/vent: Cavalia's Odysseo

The gleaming White Big Top is beckoning your name, inviting you to experience a spectacle like no other in the world...do yourself a favour and don't deny it's enticing lure


YOU know when your friends tell you about the last movie they went to see, or some album you should listen to, because "OMG, it's so amazing!"?! They insist you check it out and get back to them as soon as possible, to make sure you're on the same page, right! 

Well, more often than not you're not on the same page; sometimes, not even the same book! Nope, the movie either sucked, or the album was only okay, but you usually go right ahead and let them think you're just as stoked about it as they are. That's how I thought this whole 'Cavalia's Odysseo' would go down, to be completely honest, but I was wrong, so wrong.

'Cavalia's Odysseo' is a production of epic proportions, to say the least, touring the globe as the world's only 6-D show. It's Hollywood-style film set stages a unique, extravagant theatrical hybrid of stunning acrobatics, thrilling equestrian showmanship, and exhilarating song and dance that represents no one culture or nation. And it'll turn you into one of those guys who goes around insisting that anyone who hasn't seen it yet to "SEE IT!"

If you've got the extra funds to elevate to VIP access, do it! From the red carpet entrance to the unlimited beer and wine, indulging yourself in VIP treatment is well worth the upgrade. For VIP information click HERE


My little sister and I were amongst the first guests to arrive at the Rendez-Vous VIP tent at the meeting of Fort Road and Yellowhead Trail. Yep, that's what those colossal tents are for. We dined on endless shrimp, pasta, and pulled pork, sipped on complimentary champagne, and relaxed amongst the Mayor, local media personalities, and other VIPs before taking our seats. 

It was a sold-out crowd of 2,000 excited Edmontonians, all eager to see what all the fuss was about. Some had already taken in the show when it had come to Edmonton a couple years back, shortly after it was founded in Montreal by Normand Latourelle, who happens to be one of the original founders of the iconic Cirque du Soleil.

As it turns out, they weren't lying! All those folks who bragged and spouted about how FANTASTIC this show was were right, simply put. No if's, no and's, no but's. So, in other words, get off your ass and see what the more than one million folks who have seen this show since 2011 have called "mesmerizing," "majestic," "the ultimate date night," and even "the best show on earth!"

Tickets for 'Cavalia's Odysseo' are available HERE or by calling 1.866.999.8111, and range from $24.50 to $209.50 (plus taxes/fees). For more information about the show and the performers please visit their website. 'Cavalia's Odysseo' runs until August 10th at 12403 Mount Lawn Road.


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