E/view: First and Jasper: The Love Story of Jasper Avenue

"This little booklet is a tribute in poetry and pictures to Jasper Avenue and the many reasons for loving the city of Edmonton and choosing to call it home."


Christine Falk
Christina Falk's 'First and Jasper'
FIRST and Jasper is a short but beautiful book that can best be described as a love letter to Jasper Avenue. With short, precise poetic lines and photographs that match the words, Christine Falk presents Jasper Avenue for its history, grittiness, and importance. 

Falk's writing is minimalist with precise use of language. Many of her verses are almost Haiku-like in style. Her photography, presented in black and white, feature numerous Jasper Avenue landmarks.

If it was larger, I would call it a coffee table book. Instead, it is more like an end table book, and a lovely one at that. This would make an excellent gift or souvenir.

Independently published, First and Jasper can be purchased through Audrey's Books, the Westin Hotel gift shop, and PageMaster. You can l also purchase the book and earn more about Falk and her writing at her website.


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