E-Spot/ The Enjoy Centre

"Whether you're shopping for organic food or spending a relaxing day at the spa, chances are you can find it here--at the Enjoy Centre"


The Enjoy Centre is one of St. Albert's hidden gems,
located at the edge of the city, just of the Anthony Henday. 
REFLECT, relax, reconnect. Those are three words St. Albert's Enjoy Centre swears by, making sure that its customers are well looked after. The tucked away facility is unique to the area, harbouring a variety of more elite services, from a whole foods market to a spa centre. And most folks I know are simply unaware of its existence.

Or it at least seems that way. Most people I ask have never even heard of the Enjoy Centre, much less "experienced" it. And how could one blame them? If you try to find your way to the centre (101 Riel Drive), you'll notice it's not exactly in your face, but rather practically hidden in a spot you couldn't possibly have accidentally driven past.

Maybe that's what they intended? Because, to be honest, I felt almost out of place with the more formal atmosphere and upscale merchandise. Nothing like when Julia Robert's character walked down Rodeo Drive in Pretty Woman, but let's just say I wouldn't make a quick run there for a jar of pickles in my PJ's. Not that I would do that anyways.

"Our brand is built on the central conviction that customers want more than products and services," reads the Enjoy Centre's company overview. "They want an experience. They want to shop in an environment that shuts out the world but that opens up their imaginations. A place to discover new trends, get expert advice and enjoy the surroundings."

The multi-use centre includes the Amaranth Whole Foods Market, a Hole's Greenhouse, Sandyview Farms Delicatessan, and the licensed Glasshouse Bistro & Cafe, in addition to a bakery, floral studio, liquor store, and some home & gift shops. So, if you're in the mood for a relaxing massage, organic eats, a gourmet coffee, some swanky Christmas ideas, and then a wind-down with a bottle of fine wine, then the Enjoy Centre is your one-stop shop, far away from the bustle of West Edmonton Mall and such.

Unfortunately, all I left with was an $8 Christmas tree ornament. Sometimes you just gotta splurge!

Parking at the Enjoy Centre is sufficient, but the hours are less than convenient, as services end anywhere between 4 and 8PM. For a map, and you'll most likely need one, click here. And in case you have no plans this upcoming weekend, the Enjoy Centre is hosting "Make It: The Handmade Revolution" crafts show. The 4-day event started Thursday (Nov. 22) and runs until this Sunday (Nov. 25).


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