E-Spot #16/ Bogato Custom Cake Design

St. Albert-based custom cake business caters to anyone in need of a dessert out of the ordinary

"I REMEMBER trying to make angel food cake," said local cake designer Michelle Andrade (pictured below), reminiscing about her earliest memories in the kitchen. "I tried three times and ended up going through three dozen eggs trying to make it...we ended up picking up an angel food cake at the store."

That last resort is no longer an option these days, as people now come to her when they can't seem to figure out how to construct a cake recipe. But the recipe is the easy, almost manual part of the picture. The design, now that's the icing on the cake. Pun fully intended.

Michelle is everything behind the scenes of Bogato Custom Cake Design, a "fusion between cake and art" that has been the Edmonton-born dessert chef's baby since early '09. That's when the Toronto-trained cakexpert (new word...copyright pending!) had an idea.

"As I was having coffee one morning it dawned on me that I should seriously consider doing this as a business," she remembers. "I knew that I wanted my business to be over the top. The cakes not only had to look amazing, but taste just as wonderful. I've been working at developing all of these aspects ever since."

What exactly does Bogato do, you ask? Michelle explains that "potential options and ideas are explored" when clients come to her for that special centre piece, before "translating the concept and design into cake!"

"I love to watch the client's anticipation as they await their special cake for their event," Michelle continues. "It really is a gift!"

Bogato, which is actually based out of St. Albert, caters to corporate occasions in addition to the everyday clientele. "For corporate events the cake becomes the centre piece that really marks the event."

If you're wondering what exactly the difference is between Bogato--which is French for "beautiful cake"--and those cake guys at your local supermarket or Dairy Queen, tune into one of the popular reality TV shows on TLC or The Food Network and see for yourself.

"I love watching the food channel," admits Michelle. "My favourites to watch are the cake shows. I watch any and all cake shows available. Each time the hour is done I walk away feeling like this would be something fun to do."

But what goes into her cakes is a partnership, between a client's basic idea and Michelle's integral imagination, an alliance that creates cakes you thought you'd only see on TV.

"A Bogato cake is specially made for each occasion and the pricing varies based on the number of guests it needs to serve," Bogato explains. "Our expertise is with 3D shapes, but we can also prepare appealing 2D cakes to fit leaner budgets." Prices are also based on the amount of ingredients used and how many hours go into each piece.

So, for anyone who is in need of a cake that'll make you feel sinful for disrupting its sublime presentation, then I insist you think Bogato, where you can have your cake and eat it, too. Wow, I really gotta stop with the puns!

For more information or to make a request you can either visit Bogato's official website or call Michelle at 780-218-9602.


  1. Wow, those are some pretty impressive cakes!

  2. Cool, but technically this isn't Edmonton.....

  3. True, but we like to show love to our neighbouring communities/ St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove! Plus, she was born in Edmonton!!

  4. Can she do icecream cakes?

  5. Hi Trish,
    It is possible to make ice cream cake. The wow factor would be the cake itself.Type of icecream ,nuts etc. The design could not be mutitiered,or one that requires certain types of sugars,as some don't freeze well.The cakes you see in these picures would not be an ice cream type of cake.

    Take care,



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